To coop or not to coop that is the question

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To sleep perchance to dream.

Chance would be a fine thing.

Apologies if that sounds a little cranky, but the blame lies firmly with the perpetual state of tiredness one finds herself in these days.

Old Maggie Thatcher may have been able to run the country on four hours’ sleep, but yours truly is having trouble keeping her own affairs together with six.

I’ve attempted to get to bed earlier, really I have, but somehow the plan always fails.

Ten o’clock may be the target, but time marches on as one gets things ready for the next day and clears things up from the present.

Before you know it, it’s midnight. Just three hours before The Boy returns from his night shift (‘how was your day, dear’ doesn’t always go down well at this time I have to tell you). Then, a mere three hours after that, there goes the dreaded alarm.

While dragging myself out from under the duvet can be a problem, all is usually well until early afternoon when, boom, it hits.

What I like to call, the tiredness zone.

That hour or so after lunch, when you’re fed, warm and, let’s face it, ready to be put down for a nap.

Oh to work in Europe and be granted a siesta. An extra 40 winks in the afternoon would, I’m sure, make a huge difference.

But alas, us Brits don’t have such luxuries. Nor do our friends across the Pond it seems, despite their best efforts.

Last week The New York Times ran a piece on its front page about police officers parking their patrol cars in secluded spots to steal (if you’ll pardon the pun) a sneaky nap. This, according to the NYT, is known as ‘cooping’.

And they were at it everywhere.

From cinemas to cemeteries, the force in the Big Apple weren’t quite ‘on the beat.’

Now, in my line of work, I’ve never been known to have to chase down a burglar. Nor do I have to solve any mysteries.

Well, aside from who stole my yoghurt out of the fridge – still on that case.

Which got me thinking, if it’s good for them, surely ‘cooping’ could work for me.

Not in a patrol car of course. I leave that at home.

But having a colleague keep an eye out while I shut mine may not be a bad idea.

Worth a try. Wake me up if I start snoring...