Time to take benefit of doubt from EU hands

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Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith is one of the huge successes of the Coalition Government.

He is fighting, against considerable odds, to create a situation where working is always a more profitable option than receiving welfare payments. And, to a considerable extent, he is achieving this.

Now, he also wants – quite rightly, in my opinion – to deny welfare payments to immigrants until they have been here for at least two years. The European Union will no doubt be cutting up rough over what they consider to be heresy.

But why shouldn’t a British Government, elected by the British taxpayer, decide for itself how their money is spent, without interference from foreign courts, ‘judges’ and, in many cases, failed politicians? It just seems beyond belief that we allow such a situation to continue, without doing anything more than grumbling about it.

Perhaps the most disturbing fact emerging from the news that the Prime Minister’s barber gets the MBE for “services to hairdressing”, is that Mr Cameron is so extravagant as to pay £90 for a haircut. You can get a perfectly adequate haircut in most High Streets for a single-figure sum, even if you are not an old age pensioner on concessionary rates.

Perhaps the Prime Minister should take heed of some of his parliamentary colleagues: Lib Dem, John Thurso, for instance, pays £5.50, and the Communities’ Secretary Eric Pickles cuts his own. Andrew Lansley, Leader of the Commons, and the deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg also both pay a small fraction of what the Prime Minister feels necessary to fork out.

And if the Prime Minister is worried about a bald spot he may wish to conceal, I can offer two options: one, don’t worry about it because no one really cares, and two, if he does insist on worrying, just ask his wife to comb over it.

Idiot of the week? There is no competition. It is the woman lawyer who joined the picket line of her well-nourished colleagues, protesting about the Government’s cut backs in the legal aid bill which already costs the taxpayer a horrendous amount of money. This lady appeared on that picket line brandishing – can you believe it? – a £3,000 Mulberry handbag! It seems, to me, to be verging on the obscene to spend that amount of money on a handbag. But to parade it on a picket line is about as stupid as it’s possible to get.