Ticking off the must-dos on my bucket list

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As the end of June approaches, another twenty-something birthday looms.

Looms is perhaps the wrong word, given it’s negative connotations (anyone who knows me would refuse to believe I truly dislike the event).

But as one gets older – and of course her friends do the same – I can’t help but notice a change in tone when we all talk of our special days.

Where once school girls giggled excitedly about presents and parties, now we look at every year as one closer to a milestone we’d rather avoid, be that 30, 40, 50... You get the picture.

How much can we (or maybe should we) fit in before hitting a dreaded number?

This fear, if that’s the right word for it, is being addressed by some with what they’re a calling a ‘bucket list’.

Now of course, the general understanding of a bucket list is something that lists all of the things one wants to accomplish before they ‘kick the bucket’. Ouch.

So employing this kind of motivation at the tender age of twenty or thirty something may be a little extreme. Though I do kind of understand the sentiment.

While yours truly isn’t reaching for the notebook to plan 30 things to achieve before 30, I have to admit that approaching the age has made me think of all those things I said I’d always do.

Which is why this weekend I’ll be lining up alongside thousands of other women in London’s Victoria Park to take on my first ever 10k.

Not a marathon, not even half, but something of a challenge for the girl who, while able to run round a netball court for an hour without breaking sweat, previously contracted a stitch, unhealthy heart rate and aching limbs at just the thought of jogging for more than the length of Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run.

Armed with an eight-week training plan, back in April I paid my twenty something pounds and made a commitment to get in shape, and be race-ready a week before I hit the big 2-8 (admittedly, this isn’t so big, but you know... two years from 30).

Two days to go, and I think I’m just about there. After two months of pulling myself out of bed pre-6am, taking my little back pack into work to jog the five miles home, and trying to think of ways to fit ‘cross training’ into my weekly routine. I’m assured – by my Nike training app at least – that I’m going to ace it. Time to think of next year’s must do.