THREE BECOME FIVE: Time to decorate the nursery

Angie Charnock, who is expecting twins. With her huband Neil and son Finley. For new LEP column
Angie Charnock, who is expecting twins. With her huband Neil and son Finley. For new LEP column
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As our last three scans have confirmed two healthy growing girls we decided it was now time to start decorating the nursery.

We’ve had a room allocated in our home since we moved in nearly three years ago.  

It has been a strange and bittersweet room for me.

There have been times where I’ve sat in there looking forward to our future and then there were times where I’ve not been able to open the door.

Now that it is finally becoming a real part of our home, it is a dream come true. 

We are re-using our son’s baby furniture that I love but now we are able to create a 
new girly room for our daughters.

I first chose the curtains, which were a bit of a luxury purchase and am basing the rest of the decor around that design.

I was leaning towards pale green walls but somehow my husband has swayed me towards pink and we’ve decided on a lovely soft pale pink.

I didn’t want a clichéd ‘pink girly room’ and although it will be pink, I’m determined for it not to turn it into a frilly princess room. 

We are hoping for our daughters to share a room for as long as possible.

Obviously they will be in with us for the first few months of their lives but we want them to have a lovely room of their own too.

I doubt we will have a moment to ourselves once they are born so we need to 
be as organised as possible now. From what I’ve read, it will be impossible to know if our twins will want to sleep together or separately until they are here.

We currently have just one cot bed and will wait until they move into the nursery to decide if we need to buy 
another one. 

I’ve also had to start the huge job of sorting through everything I had boxed up that our son had grown out of.

I’m definitely regretting buying quite so much blue stuff and wishing we’d gone a little more neutral!

It’s all starting to feel very real now.