THREE BECOME FIVE: This has not been the easiest pregnancy for me

Angie Charnock, who is expecting twins. With her huband Neil and son Finley.
Angie Charnock, who is expecting twins. With her huband Neil and son Finley.
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I have been extremely lucky not to have any morning sickness and my energy levels are surprisingly good still but I just feel so unattractive. 

Every time I mention how I am feeling I’m reminded just how lucky I am.

I know these are incredibly wanted babies and we tried for so long to have them but I ­really am so huge already. 

I am struggling to find suitable and nice maternity clothes. I don’t remember it being so difficult last time.

I’m sure I’m not the only pregnant person whose 
boobs and bum grow as quickly as their belly and yet all 
maternity clothes appear have horizontal stripes!?

I do love my belly even though it is huge and I’m not trying to hide it but I really don’t need it nor any other part of me to be enhanced further!

I can’t find anything that is long enough to cover my bottom so that I can wear leggings, as jeans are getting uncomfortable.

And every top with its horizontal stripes also has a round neck or is short and fitted so makes my chest look even bigger than it is!

There is definitely a niche in the market for good maternity clothes options. 

It looks like I’ll be wearing the same tent like outfit for the rest of this pregnancy and feeling sorry for myself. 

Along with my clothing woes, I’m also still suffering with swelling and teenage skin.

I definitely remember getting the ‘glow’ during the second trimester of my last pregnancy but these babies are zapping all my nutrients.

I am happy to share though as they are growing perfectly. 

Enough complaining. The end is in sight and it will be more than worth it when I’m holding my beautiful daughters in my arms. 

We are off on holiday this week for our last holiday for a long time and my lovely ­husband is treating me to a spa day to try and perk me up.

Let’s hope they can work miracles!