Three become five: ‘Our little baby boy is turning four!’

Angie Charnock, who is expecting twins. With her huband Neil and son Finley.
Angie Charnock, who is expecting twins. With her huband Neil and son Finley.
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Angie Charnock, 36, lives in Buckshaw Village, near Chorley, is married to Neil, has a four-year-old son Finley and is expecting twins. This week, she talks about Finley’s fourth birthday.

It doesn’t seem five minutes since we left hospital with him after a gruelling three-day labour.

We are so proud of what he has become so far.

Yes, he can be infuriating and grumpy and he really does know his own mind – but he is so intelligent and affectionate and makes us laugh every single day. 

We’ve had a busy weekend of kids parties (two for our son and one for a nursery friend) and we are all exhausted and stuffed full of cake.

Our house also now resembles a toy shop explosion just when I’ve finally managed to put away his Christmas presents!

I really am not sure where we will fit all the toys for three children in our home! My OCD will go into overdrive!

It is lovely seeing our son with his little group of friends all getting up to mischief together at these parties and we are very lucky to live in such a close knit community with all his friends nearby.

He will be starting school in September.

I am really not ready for this and I will definitely be one of the embarrassing parents who cry at the school gates every morning.

I guess it’s good timing though as it will give me the chance to have some one-on-two time with our twin daughters and possibly a chance to nap occasionally!

Although I am sad that my baby is growing up so fast, I know he is going to be a great big brother and will hopefully be able to help us out with our new arrivals in his own little way.

We have been very lucky to have him all to ourselves for four years and it feels strange to think that we will need to spread our love in two more ways soon.