Three become five: Getting ready for the big event

Angie Charnock, who is expecting twins. With her huband Neil and son Finley.
Angie Charnock, who is expecting twins. With her huband Neil and son Finley.
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ANGIE Charnock, 36, lives in Buckshaw Village, near Chorley, is married to Neil, has a four-year-old son Finley and is expecting twins.

This week Angie is readying herself for the big event.

Only two weeks left of my last ever pregnancy so I thought I’d best be a bit more positive this week!

It has been a huge relief that my consultant is happy for our babies to stay cooking for a bit longer, as ‘twinley two’ has continued to grow and thankfully has managed to catch up a little to her bigger sister.

The longer they can stay in my belly the better for their long-term health.

I am getting quite excited now. I really can’t wait to meet our girls and see what they look like even though I’m still a little daunted at the huge task ahead.

It has been a long road to get to where we are but the end is so close now.

Although it’s been tough on my body and emotions there are a lot of things I’m really going to miss.

I absolutely love seeing and feeling my belly move. To think there are two fully formed baby girls in there
is still completely baffling to me!

My husband laughs at me as my hands are always resting on my big Buddha belly, stroking my babies as various body parts poke out.

I’m going to miss my excuse to eat vast quantities of dairy milk chocolate and nap on the sofa at every opportunity I can find.

I need to get my figure back after this but I’m really hoping that breast-feeding will sort that out for me!

I will miss my husband voluntarily giving me foot rubs but am very much looking forward to having my slightly less hobbity feet back.

My bag is packed and we’re as organised as we can be (I hope).

Emergency planning has been made just in case they decide to make an earlier appearance so that our son is well looked after and not traumatised.

I’m very keen on his normal routine being continued as much as possible. But fingers crossed everything will go as planned.

I have spent some time writing and finishing my ideal birth plan but I feel it important to keep it very flexible as I just want two healthy babies at the end of all of this.