This underarm debate is getting rather hairy

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I can count on one hand the things I don’t like about summer.

Socks and sandals (obviously), men walking around in public without a shirt on (unless you’re David Beckham, or have the same physique), a home that is constantly humid (downside of a Victorian terrace – no air con) and perspiration (as Momma S taught me from a young age – women never sweat).

And the final thing that makes it on to my list? Unsightly body hair. And yes, I’m talking about that which belongs to us ladies, particularly the fuzz found under arm.

Don’t get me wrong, yours truly is the first to admit that needing to shave, wax or Veet armpit hair becomes something of an annoyance when you have to do it on a near daily basis. But that’s the price one pays for wearing sleeveless in the sun.

I understand – and am all for – women choosing how to answer the burning question, to shave or not to shave, but I can’t get my head around why anyone would want to have hair peeking out from under their pits.

Which is why I was so shocked this week to read that armpit hair is apparently a new trend this summer. How did that happen?

In China, where I’m led to believe body hair is less of an issue than in the West, one young female activist set up a competition on Weibo – the country’s version of Twitter – this month, asking women to post pictures of their unshaven arms.

A feminist campaign? Not if you ask the organiser, Xiao Meili, who says simply that women should have the right to decide how their body looks. No arguments to that point, but is it really necessary to show the results off to the world? Puts me off my Special K.

The trend has also made its way to the West where, unsurprisingly, it’s being led by celebs from the likes of Miley Cyrus to Madonna. The latter tweeting an image of herself, armpit hair and all, with the caption: Long hair, don’t care. Will do anything for attention.

I may have added that last bit.

Another ‘celeb’, Girls actress Jemima Kirke posted an image of Sophia Loren, who was a famous fan of the 
au naturel look.

Like, if it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for me, right?

Wrong. It’s safe to say this is one summer trend yours truly has no intention of following.

In fact, a last minute change of outfit this week saw me run home to double check for offending fuzz.

Thankfully all was fine, but it was a close shave I’ll be avoiding for the next few weeks...