Think I’ll still be safe taking selfie snaps

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I’m suffering from a case of the post-holiday blues.

You know what I mean – that depressing feeling you get after returning home, and thinking, ‘This time last week I was...’ Fill in the blank.

Now I’m sitting on a packed bus, soaked from the rain and exhausted after another long day in the office.

Sigh. It’s not always easy to pull oneself out of such deep melancholy, lacking the enthusiasm to do, well, anything.

In such times there’s always 
one thing I can turn to cheer myself up a little. My photo album.

While The Boy insists on reserving the art of picture taking for his super-duper camera, I like to click away on my phone, knowing that in times of need (bus, rain, tired days) I’ll have a pocket full of happy snaps.

And like many other people, dozens of these pictures take the form of selfies. The Boy and I on a train, up a mountain, by the sea, having dinner (lots of these, he gets very annoyed – ‘let me eat, woman’), you get the picture. Pun intended.

An album full of selfies. Until this week, I didn’t know how dangerous that was.

That’s right, it seems the art of taking a picture of oneself is riskier than originally thought. According to a recent report, that is, that found there were more selfie-related deaths in the last year, than fatalities caused by shark attacks.

In the 12 months since the word ‘selfie’ was officially added to the Oxford English Dictionary, 19 people have died as a result of snapping themselves.

Victims have typically been between the ages of 18 and 24, dying after posing with loaded weapons, while at the wheel and cosying up to wild creatures.

In Russia, the issue has become so serious that the government has issued official guidance, with details of how not to die when taking a picture. When behind the wheel for example, or steering a boat. Hanging out of a train, or while walking up steep cliffs are also listed as no-nos, and you should put the camera away when standing at a great height, or near an electrical pylon.

Is it just me, or is all this a bit obvious? It begs the question, has the research revealed an increase in selfie-related deaths, or an increase in people’s stupidity? A decrease in the ability to employ common sense?

Call me crazy, but I’m going to keep that album of selfies and even, wait for it, take some more.

Unless The Boy stabs me with a fork, I think I’m safe.