There’s no end in sight for migrant crisis

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The grandees of the European Union are scandalously closing their eyes and muffling their ears to the current migrant crisis.

You might well ask what the point of this mammoth organisation is, if it won’t even bother to confront a problem in its own backyard.

A number of European countries (Britain included) are facing massive problems as groups of desperate people, many of them likely to be illegal migrants, try 
to break into their shores.

The UK and France are at loggerheads over this tragic affair, each blaming the other.

And, what makes it even worse, is that mobsters and gangsters are obnoxiously reaping the benefits of people trafficking.

The British taxpayer pays millions, if not billions, of pounds into the somewhat financially chaotic EU.

Surely we should expect some help from those who, according to Eurosceptics, are seemingly trying to bleed our coffers dry.

No wonder there is an increasing groundswell of opinion for Britain to pull out of the EU.

I have been trying to imagine the unimaginable: the prospect of a White House summit between Jeremy Corbyn and Donald 

What an event that would be!

Unlikely to happen, but not as impossible as you might think either...

David Cameron says he won’t easily forget England’s achievement in regaining the Ashes. Don’t be too sure.

During the general election campaign, he vowed undying support for Aston Villa.

A few days later, Aston Villa 
had been replaced by West Ham United.

Those who defended the Prime Minister’s “slip” claimed it was an easy mistake to make.

No, it isn’t.

Any genuine football fan will tell you it is a downright impossible mistake to make.