There’s a chill in the air, pass me the blanket

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With the nights beginning to draw in, and the air starting to chill, it seems the time may have come to flip the switch on the old thermostat.

Well, maybe...

Crawling out of bed has become increasingly difficult this week as, for the first time this year, the air is noticeably colder outside the covers than under them.

But despite the early morning shivers, one is still reluctant to turn on the heating.

And it’s not what many – including The Boy – may think.

Ebenezer Stansfield is not being overly concerned about the cost, saving up those solitary pieces of coal for the deepest and darkest winter months.

No, rather this summer baby is loathed to admit that her favourite season is over, not to return for another six months or more.

Turning on the heating, in my book, is admitting that the cold weather is here to stay.

It’s in the same category as ‘getting out your winter clothes’.

The most miserable of annual tasks.

After saying that, I’m not averse to putting on an extra jumper or two.

Layers are fine. They can be stripped off again for when (not if) the sun returns.

And it seems I’m not the only one who’s still backing away from the boiler.

According to one survey, 83 per cent of us are putting on more layers, instead of switching on the heat.

And there are lots of other ways we can keep warm too.

Sixty five per cent of people use a blanket when sitting inside, 42 per cent leave the oven door open after cooking (hadn’t thought of this one – thanks for the tip guys), 24 per cent wear a coat, scarf or hat indoors, and seven per cent take the slightly more drastic measure of leaving home, and heading to a public place instead.

I hear that October 31 is the most popular day to turn on heating.

Which gives me a little over two weeks to remain in self-denial.

Hoody on, blanket at the ready, and, if all else fails, I’m off to the pub.

Who’s with me?