Tea’s made without a Teasmade these days

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Tea is the new obsession.

Not the everyday, throw a bag in a mug stuff. Not the ‘are you okay, should I put the kettle on’, ‘I know what will make you feel better’, ‘let’s discuss over a cuppa’ kind.

Not even the green stuff, the weird and the wonderful. The ‘Senhcha Fukujyu’ or such like. Though The Boy did bring this into our house this week, much to my dismay. Needless to say, it went straight to the back of the cupboard, label down. No, what I’m talking about is afternoon tea, high tea. Fancy tea, where we get dressed up, head off to a nice venue to sip delicately, pinky up (mandatory), from fine-bone china cups with saucers. A little pretentious? Of course! But when did that ever hurt anyone?

It seems I’m not the only one taken in by the whole high tea scene, as one can’t open her inbox these days without finding a voucher/advert/plea to attend an afternoon session.

There must be loads of us caught up in the idea of taking tea. Oh, how civilized. When done properly of course, perhaps not when you decide to recreate the experience in your own home which, yes, yours truly had a stab at herself recently.

Finger sandwiches? More fist sized if I’m honest, and the M&S scones, smothered in sad-looking whipped cream and strawberry jam, took quite a bit of washing down with a couple of cups of PG tips. Never quite managed to master the domestic goddess role.

No, this is certainly something to leave to the professionals. Which is exactly what The Boy and I did last weekend, my Valentine’s treat, saved for a week after the event, was well worth the wait. Following a look round the latest exhibition at Somerset House, we took off, ready for tea. And the three-tier offering did not disappoint.

The passion fruit bellini to start didn’t hurt (does a cocktail ever?) and the sandwiches- smoked salmon and avocado, quails egg and wasabi mayonnaise - and cheese and turmeric scones were a great start.

And for the main event, in this sweet-toothed gal’s opinion at least, a selection of scones with blackcurrant jam, chocolate and liquorice mousse, lemon and toasted coconut panna cotta and green tea and poppy seed cake.

All accompanied by pots of white tea, English breakfast and chai latte. Who needs lunch? Or dinner for that matter? There’s a new meal time for me, and it starts at 3.