Summertime and the driving is lousy...

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Despite the obvious dangers and repeated warnings, some motorcyclists continue to use certain roads in Lancashire as if they were racetracks.

I must stress I know it’s only some motorcyclists, but the recent warm weather appears to have brought the lunatic riders out of hibernation.

Last week, I was driving along a leafy Lancashire lane when two motorcyclists screamed past me and took a blind bend like racers in the TT. It was some of the most reckless riding I have seen in quite a while and so dangerous for themselves and any other road users.

However, it would be unfair for me to just single out bad riding by motorcyclists. On recent sunny days, I have definitely seen an increase in aggressive and dangerous acts by a wide array of impatient motorists and pedal cyclists.

I can virtually guarantee that if you drive down the A59 at certain times of the day, whilst sticking to the speed limit, you will be aggressively tailgated on certain sections of the road.

In relation to pedal cyclists, it would appear some, who have taken to wearing helmet cameras, are trying their hardest to wind up drivers to get a reaction.

Of course, there have always been bad and discourteous drivers and riders, but I do wonder whether we are beginning to see a gradual decline in driving standards.

On my recent travels around Lancashire, while I have seen general police patrol cars, I cannot remember seeing a single road-policing vehicle. These are the specially trained and equipped patrols which target driving offences and standards.

The number of traffic officers has declined significantly due to the cuts in the policing budget and offending by motorists is now mainly caught using technology ie. speed cameras, automatic number plate recognition etc. Are more motorists becoming aware of this, resulting in a drop in driving standards? I hope it’s not the case and the bad driving I have seen recently is due to more traffic on the road because of the good weather.

If it is the case, I think there are many members of the public who would volunteer to help the police catch offending motorists by operating cameras on problem roads.

Although that shouldn’t really be necessary, as all it actually requires is for everyone to drive with a bit more care and consideration.