Stop allowing bureaucrats telling us what to do

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To me, it is as simple as ABC.

We should simply tell the Brussels grandees (who include, among others, unelected and rejected national politicians) we will not accept any more migrants from EU countries and we should also be putting up the shutters against refugees from Syria.

And if that sounds callous – well, it isn’t.

It is simple common sense.

The NHS, as we know, is in dire financial straits and is creaking under its responsibilities.

The schools are reaching bursting point and there are not enough houses already to accommodate the demands, even of the native population.

So why do we allow foreign bureaucrats to “order” us what to do?

Search me!

To put it bluntly, we should tell Brussels to take a running jump so we can order our own affairs ourselves in the way that suits 
us best and is fair to our own citizens.

You never know, if David Cameron was bold enough to take this step (which he almost certainly isn’t) we might even manage to restore some sovereignty to our sadly depleted Parliament.

There are suggestions at Westminster that Douglas Carswell, who defected from the Conservatives to join Ukip in the last Parliament, might now want to rejoin the Tories.

But would the Tories allow him back?

I doubt whether they would welcome him with open arms. Nobody likes a turncoat.

All this has arisen because Carswell is at serious odds with the Ukip leader Nigel Farage over which pressure groups to support in the campaign to take Britain out of Europe. Farage has said there are still elements of the Tories about Carswell.

I think it is pretty much a certainty that his former Tory colleagues in his Clacton constituency would not want him back, so he would have to scour the country for a seat carrying the label “defector” attached to his personal baggage.

So, if Carswell had any thoughts in this direction, he may have cooked his own goose.