Still rock ‘n’ roll after night out

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It wasn’t a landmark birthday, it didn’t have a “0” at the end of it, but it needed celebrating nonetheless.

Daughter #1 was going out-out (as opposed to just back-at-1am-out) with her friends while daughter #2 had arranged a sleepover at a mate’s house, so me and the boss decided to make a night of it around town.

The restaurant was booked and the wagon we’d been on since New Year was abandoned at 5.30pm and well alight five hours later, a bit like yours truly, thanks to lovely red wine and refreshing, palate-cleansing gin served up in goldfish bowls. Not drinking for almost two months lowers your alcohol tolerance to barely measurable levels so by the time our food arrived, we were in what Viz calls an “advanced state of refreshment”.

Seeing as how red wine is basically medicine and it turns out jockeys drink G&T and skip dinner to lose a bit of weight, well, our night had all the health benefits of a spa weekend.

After a very enjoyable evening spent drinking and eating, but mostly drinking, the night reached a natural conclusion at around 10.30 and we went home – where we found daughter #1, her boyfriend and his mate in our living room, listening to Stormzy while having pre-drinks (it’s called prinks, apparently) before going out 10 minutes later. So it’s come to this. We enjoy a great evening, have our fill of booze and Italian food, call it a night at a respectable hour when we’re stuffed to the gills yet we’re home before one of our children goes out and rolls in at 5am.

To put this into perspective, even accounting for a couple of nightcaps, by that time I’d been asleep for six hours.

Maybe this is the future of the night-time economy, early start and early finish for the over 40s, who then pass the baton to their teenage children who stay out until stupid o’clock.

Then just to prove that drinking is a young person’s game, me and the boss staggered around on Sunday morning like we’d been run over while daughter #1 swanned around and made a cooked breakfast without burning the house down. Still, made my spin class at noon though. I’m still rock n’ roll.