Starting school blues

Angie Charnock, who is expecting twins. With her huband Neil and son Finley.
Angie Charnock, who is expecting twins. With her huband Neil and son Finley.
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My baby boy will be off to school in September. It’s a huge milestone in his life and I’m not sure I’m ready for it. He is more than ready for it, though.

I know I’m a biased mother but he is bright and eager to learn and I’m sure he’ll flourish being further pushed at school.

We were so happy to find out we had got our first choice of primary school for him and I have to admit to checking the council website at 4am when needing to get up for my
regular, teeny, squashed bladder visits.

It is one less stress to know he is going to an excellent school with many of his nursery friends and all within walking distance.

I still don’t think I’m quite ready to wave off my first born at the school gates, though, and that’s our lives governed by school until he is 16 and hopefully beyond.

At least I will be able to blame my crazy baby hormones when I’m blubbing as he walks off in his little uniform.

Because the next few months will be a bit of a baby blur full of sleepless nights, feeding and nappies I’m trying to get organised in advance (and yes I’ve been making lists!).

I’ve done a little reading to make sure that we have fully prepared him for school as much as possible.

Apparently, there is a list of things your child should be able to do at this stage.

He is fully toilet trained, recognises his own name and can dress himself (although sometimes he appears to completely lose this ability and insists on me dressing him like he is a baby!).

The only real sticking points might be being able to sit quietly for 40 minutes and understanding the word ‘no’! I’m sure he understands that word but not sure he entirely agrees with it!

We are very lucky that where we live there is a lovely community feel.

There is already a Facebook page set up for the 2015 intake to get in touch and share information. Hopefully there will be lots of play dates over summer for good friendships to be made and to help make the transition for all a little bit easier.