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Something which has reared its ugly mug recently is inconsiderate driving.

Of a morning I have to do a job which is a fair distance. I have to be at various places for certain times and thus set off with 20 minutes to get to my first location. I know the route like the back of my hand. I know where the problem areas are on the specified route. Perhaps a school with a busy crossing, or being tended to by a lollipop man or woman.

It might be a bus in front of you which stops at every damn stop.

What I don’t tend to account for is other people’s inconsiderate use of the road. I would imagine nine out of 10 times people are courteous on the road. Everyone needs to be somewhere in the morning. And so generally people tend to acknowledge this by giving way to other drivers.

It’s not taught in driving schools, but it’s just that sometimes things like basic driving etiquette are overlooked, either through ignorance or self-centredness. Why doesn’t the Government make it statutory for every driver who passes a driving test to be sent on a driving etiquette course? Here are some examples of poor driving I observe on a daily basis. Someone is turning right on to a main carriageway at a give way line. Instead of getting as much of their vehicle to the right hand side of their part of the road, thus allowing drivers behind to go straight on or make a left turn, they lazily sit in the middle of the road. This is really inconsiderate in my view.

We are driving on roads not designed for the volume of traffic that are actually on them, so I would imagine making best use of the carriageway would be part of a competent and courteous driver’s make up.

But the one that drives me crackers is at night time. When I’m driving at night I could be taking a customer homeward bound.

And then it happens, you turn a corner or are driving up a hill and it hits you. People leaving their headlights on when stationary or even worse their main beam, it’s like staring into a 10,000 watt bulb in some cases.

Have these clowns no idea that they are causing a hazard? What if a police car was travelling faster than normal to get to an incident? The police car rounds the corner, the driver is momentarily blinded by the parked up lighthouse. At this point anything could happen, and an accident could take place. And for what, some eejit not being fully aware of their responsibilities to others on the road.

These two examples alone give justification for drivers to be sent on a course designed to teach them driving etiquette.

Maybe as well as the current speed awareness courses they should introduce a course for people who lack basic driving awareness. It could be a money spinner for the police and at the same time create more rounded drivers that deserve to be on the county’s highways.