See the Great Australian Half-Baked Oaf?

LP Columnist Barry Freeman
LP Columnist Barry Freeman
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Lately freedom of speech seems to be something many people would wish for themselves, and those of like mind, but categorically deny to others.

A typical example landed in our lap last week when former Tory spin doctor and red-top dishrag editor Amanda Platell decided her weekly Daily Mail lifestyle prattle slot was the ideal forum to belch forth a bit of the old racism.

And maybe it is. After all, the Mail has only recently recruited the reliably loudmouthed Apprentice failure Katie Hopkins to its ranting ranks, and is hard to imagine they poached that apparently depthless venom sac from The Sun to offer their readers a subtle, balanced take on current events.

Anyhow, Amanda – who was quite big in the 2000s, mostly as a regular talking head and sofa bump on all kinds of TV mulch – had set her sights on the BBC (appearance fees having presumably dried up) and what she perceived as the PC GONE MAD social engineering of Great British Bake Off.

According to Platell, a beaten semi-finalist lost to, among others, a ‘Muslim mum’ because she was ‘far too middle class’ rather than, as the judges said, because her visually stunning confections didn’t actually taste that nice. She added: ‘Perhaps if she’d made a chocolate mosque she’d have stood a better chance.’

Needless to say, social media fell upon Platell in a matter of seconds, and what might once have passed as a mere bitter aside from a media diva on the slide was soon being mocked around the world.

All well and mostly hilarious. But inevitably amid this clatter came the calls for her to be sacked, column pulled, so on, so forth.

Much the same ensues whenever Hopkins, Littlejohn and a host of similarly divisive low-brow rabble rousers open their face-rectums, and it is always equally regrettable.

Would these readers really feel happier to know such hacks had been gagged, were suppressing their urges to blame and victimise, that bilious papers like the Mail and The Sun were not being true unto themselves?

If so they are no less dangerous than those they seek to silence.

I like to know what these rotten people think, exactly which corners of our rabid press are out to spread the dirt, how many fellow citizens are susceptible to such drivel.

Ignorance is not bliss. We have to give them enough rope. Use your freedom of speech to hang them.