Running up a storm with the latest fashion

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What’s in a name?

Mine has been in the news a lot this week. Not referring to me personally of course - thankfully I haven’t been caught doing anything to draw the attention of the national press - but ‘Rachel’ has been the focus of many a headline in the last few days.

‘Storm Rachel to blast Britain’; ‘Storm Rachel sweeps in’; ‘Everything you need to know about Storm Rachel’; ‘Storm Rachel. If we can call it that...’

Well aren’t we popular. Causing worry and destruction across the country. Storms and hurricanes are given names to make them easier to remember, or so I’ve read.

Meteorologists believe that by naming a storm people will be more likely to communicate about it effectively, and so stay safer if and when the weather reaches dry land.

‘Get inside - Rachel is on the way.’ One fears it’s not the first time those words have been said.

But this Rachel wasn’t going to be beaten by another. Communicate all you want, one was determined that her namesake wasn’t going to ruin her newly acquired fitness regime.

Wednesdays mean running in 2015, even if it is a bit windy. Perhaps a slight understatement, considering the storm was billed as the worst of the winter, bringing blankets of snow and cutting power from homes. But still, one wouldn’t be beaten. Not even put off.

Even reports of roads back home grinding to a halt under 1cm of snow would not be enough.

Gear on, essentials stored safely in mini-weatherproof backpack (Christmas present of the year - never again shall one mock the ugliest kind of bag known to man - it’s incredibly useful in certain situations) and off I went, pounding the pavements.

Ten minutes in and I was surprised at just how easy it felt. Yes, there was a bit of rain and others around me seemed a little flustered but, as I made my way down the Embankment, leaving London’s landmarks behind, I was surprised at how quickly I was gliding home.

Then I paid more attention to those running in the opposite direction. They weren’t having such a good time, battling against the elements, struggling to propel themselves forward.

Tropical storms can be a real pain, unless you’ve got the wind behind you.

Home in record time. Us Rachels always stick together.