Rest of us need to take a long hard look too!

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Terrible tragedies have always occurred - the world is a no better or worse place than it was 100 years ago, when it was on the brink of the most devastating war in history.

It is important to remember this when awful events take place, such as the appalling death of teacher Ann Maguire in her classroom. Just when you think you have heard it all, then a shocking incident like the one which claimed Mrs Maguire’s life leaves everybody asking how such a thing could happen.

Hopefully, as months pass the public and, most importantly, the teacher’s friends and family will get the answers they deserve, once the current criminal investigation takes it course. Right now it is the family and Mrs Maguire’s loved ones who really matter - they deserve the space to grieve and all the support that their community and beyond can muster.

There has already been a huge outpouring of grief at the school and in Leeds, where she had lived and worked for over 40 years. What the family didn’t deserve or need was the vile abuse from a waste of space from Wales who took upon himself to post something vile about Mrs Maguire’s death.

Sadly, the actions of this scumbag is also nothing new as we are well used to seeing sad, odd-looking morons skulking around a court building almost as soon as they have pressed the enter button on a bile-filled posting. As much as people like me go on about it, we are never going to see the regulation of social media in the same way some people want to restrict the press.

If I had my way people who feel the need to terrorise others via the internet should be banned from going anywhere near a computer. But it is not just the keyboard bullies who need to take a long hard at themselves - the rest of us need to ask ourselves if commenting on the issues of the day on a social network is a good use of our time.

I would suggest it is not.

While I am sure those who knew and loved Ann Maguire will have taken some comfort knowing that a nation has reached out to them in their darkest hour, I do often question of what value such bland words and platitudes really are?

I speak as someone who has taken to many an online arena to put my bitcoin’s worth into a debate which has very little, if anything, to do with me. While the world might not quite be going to the dogs yet, we sure are doing our best to talk about it.