Readers’ letters - September 2

Musicians like Sir Paul McCartney has been awarded, so why not Olympic winners? See letter
Musicians like Sir Paul McCartney has been awarded, so why not Olympic winners? See letter
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Team GB deserve honours

I was interested to read your correspondent Darryl Ashton’s comments regarding the awarding of national honours for all Team GB medal winners at Rio 2016 (LEP August 25).

I have been a member of Preston Harriers for over 50 years and have officiated as the technical manager at an IAAF Super Grand Prix Meeting.

Thus I speak with some authority, unlike Mr Ashton who seems to speak (judging by him deliberately not having watched the Olympics unless, it seems, forced to do so) from ignorance.

Given that Mr Ashton seems to like pop music, I am surprised he seems to begrudge our Olympic athletes any further recognition other than their medal, while keeping quiet about all the honours given to pop stars such as Sir Paul McCartney.

After all, are these people “only doing their jobs and are also very well paid” as you have quoted?

And it is here Mr Ashton shows his ignorance of sport.

Take my sport, athletics.

All of them will have started at club level under the guidance of club coaches, who start the process of turning a raw, or even no, talent in an event or events into a fairly decent competitor.

Then there will be that transition period of turning this potential talent into something a bit better than just regional level and to a point when the athlete decides to make this his or her full-time career, albeit a relatively short one.

It will be at this stage, and probably long before that, that the bank of mum and dad will be laying out thousands of pounds to support their son/daughter or the athlete will manage to get a job with an understanding boss who will allow him/her time off to train to a point being reached where they manage to obtain sponsorship.

This sponsorship is spent on advisers, coaches and training equipment.

Then maybe the athlete starts to win prize money which would mainly be ploughed back into other essentials. This would then maybe attract more sponsorship and National Lottery money and this would then help them to become an international athlete and eventually an Olympic athlete.

You don’t seem to decry your favourite pop stars from earning more money than an athlete would, yet decry a world class athlete from earning what he/she seems to deserve, often working unsocial hours to achieve their goals.

Those of us who did watch Team GB win all those medals were proud of their achievements. And this was done as clean athletes, rather than the state-sponsored drug cheats from Russia.

So just what is wrong in the nation showing how proud it is of them by giving them our own national honours?

Sorry to have spoiled your enjoyment of watching very well paid people who simply sing for a living, rather than put in the time and effort, sometimes in appalling conditions and in unsocial hours, to achieve an Olympic medal.

I for one will not begrudge any member of Team GB a national honour.

Neil Swindlehurst, Walmer Bridge

Not a believer 
in democracy

It was interesting to see Owen Smith isn’t a keen believer in democracy as his promise to have a second Brexit referendum shows. I could’ve sworn we had a vote a few months ago and I’m sure the majority of people voted Brexit.

As Mr Smith’s idea of democracy is the one where you only take the vote of those who agree with you – when do we stop having another vote, and another, and another – just to make sure?

That said, given that Mr Smith’s challenging a Labour leader elected with 59.5 per cent of the vote, are we to be that surprised by his stance? And if Mr Smith does become Labour leader, will we see him asking for that second vote – just to make sure Labour want him as leader?

Brian Lowson, address supplied

Praise for St Mary’s pupils

Many congratulations to all the successful candidates who achieved great results in the recent GCSE O level exams, and also to their families and teachers.

We feel that a special word of praise should go to the pupils of St Mary’s High School, Leyland, who were in Year 9 when a tragic fire destroyed their school .

Their families and a loyal core of teachers supported them through the ensuing traumas at a crucial time in their education. The pupils have surmounted incredible difficulties over the past two years, but the spirit of St Mary’s lives on and we wish them, and the school, continued success in the future

Kathleen and Barrie Cox

via email

Train journey makes no sense

Can we set the record straight on publicity-hungry Jeremy Corbyn’s carefully planned train journey?

I am just Joe Public.

When travelling by train, I buy my ticket and book my seat.

Don’t tell me that the leader of the Labour Party embarks on a train journey – when security should be paramount – without booking a seat ?

Sorry, it just does not make sense.

Nice try Jeremy, but so ridiculous in its conception. You really should sack your PR guy.

You even made sure you were filmed sitting on the floor reading ... totally laughable.

No way to earn any scrap of respect.

Alex via email

Disorder in the courtroom

The lady judge who chose to reciprocate foul language in court made a wrong decision. There is no doubt in my mind that Patricia Lynch QC has sunk to the level of the vilest criminal.

She should have opted for the dignity in silence approach.

Aled Jones, address supplied

When will pillar be repaired?

There is a fallen pillar on Avenham Lane, just before Ribblesdale Place. It’s been like this for several weeks.

Is it going to be repaired or is it going to stay like this for another several weeks?

Name and address supplied