Readers’ letters - October 4

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Parking problems
on Starkie Street

I sympathise with Geoff Green with regard to the article regarding residential parking in the city centre (LP September 30).

I live just off Winckley Square and residential parking is a problem. It will become worse as more people move into the area.

A particular problem is on Starkie Street. I have written to the authorities about this, but have not had a reply.

I stated: “Up to about 10 years ago, Starkie Street was a street predominantly occupied by business premises and, in that vein, parking meters were installed. In the interim, businesses have vacated and there are now about 70 residents.

“The only remaining businesses have their own parking areas at the rear of their premises. So the parking meters are an anachronism and actually an affront to all residents, both new and old. There are only five residential bays and two hourly bays, with 15 metered bays.

“The effect of having a large number of residents and little or no businesses is that the metered bays are vacant for most of the day, with residents having to occupy residential bays in other streets.

“I would suggest that the amount of money put into the solitary meter in Starkie Street should be compared with meters in Winckley Square to confirm that not much use is being made of the metered bays. If my assertion is correct, could the quantity of metered bays in Starkie Street be replaced by a greater quantity of residential bays?

“Failing that, I note that, even in central Manchester, there are time concessions on metered bays for residents. These allow persons with residential permits to use the bays freely up to 9.30am and from 4pm.”

I believe the authorities need to acknowledge that most of us cannot exist without cars as changes to the economy forces some people to commute and, where businesses have moved out, to be replaced by residents, the parking facilities constantly need review.

E Clegg

Regent Street, Preston
Picture: Geoff Green, from the St Mark’s area of Preston, was told his parking permit is not legal