Readers’ letters - November 14

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We’ll reflect on these personal sacrifices

He was Private William Dixon, a Prestonian born and bred, who, before the war, emigrated to America as a new husband and father to make a new prosperous life for him and his young family in 1913.

After the breakout of the First World War, William decided to enlist as a soldier.

He and his family returned back to England in June 1915.

In August 1917, William was posted to the 1/4 th Battalion of the Loyal North Lancashire regiment and sent to France.

He was part of a reconnaissance team which moved ahead to check for enemy presence.

He wrote back to England many times, sending thoughts, prayers and good wishes to his wife and two young daughters (the eldest being my mum).

They were seven years and one year old at the 

Four months later, Private William Dixon, service number 37653, was killed in action during the battle of Cambrai.

He lies buried in a war cemetery close by where he fell.

My family and I are making our way down to France for his 100th year anniversary.

It will be a special time where we can reflect on the personal sacrifice that was made by ordinary people during an extraordinary time.

Dave Odlum

via email 
Pictured: Memorial to battle of Cambrai, in France