Readers' letters - March 24

Where are all the fans?

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 24th March 2016, 4:54 pm
Updated Thursday, 24th March 2016, 6:30 pm
Fans show their backing for PNE  but more support is needed says a reader. See letter
Fans show their backing for PNE  but more support is needed says a reader. See letter

We are now coming to a close of the season, PNE’s first for many years as a Championship club.

The manager and the team itself have done really well – credit to all.

On the downside, the home gates have been very disappointing more often than not, other than the derbies.

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We’ve always been in the bottom three gate-­wise, along with Rotherham, Charlton and MK Dons.

Gate­wise it’s not cheap, but the standard is good – even Bolton have had bigger gates, with all their troubles and strife.

Mr Hemmings must, when he looks at the gates, be really disappointed.

PNE was once a big club – not any more I’m afraid.

I go week in, week out.

Many of the so-called fans pick their matches.

So very disappointing to see this splendid stadium less than half-­full.

Brian Lockley, Fulwood

Shakespeare in Parliament

It could have been a Shakespeare play.

With the ink hardly dry on George Osborne’s budget, one of his co-conspirators of the Social Health and Welfare Act back in 2012, Iain Duncan Smith, puts the knife in the back of Osborne. In the event, he wounds his leader Cameron and splits the court!

This leaves the Conservatives in a perilous state.

IDS claims to be outraged by the cuts from the Chancellor.

Claiming he knew nothing of them, he says the damage that would be inflicted on cuts to PIPs for people with disabilities, who need aids such as walking sticks, is wrong!

His cohorts defend him, agreeing that he has been forced to leave the court because of bullying by the Chancellor.

Then the rest of the lower courtiers cry foul agreeing that poor people will be hurt!

Others cry IDS has an ulterior motive to lead the campaign to leave Europe, and therefore usurp Cameron who is pro European. Battle lines are drawn!

The rebel army say IDS’s claims ring hollow.

Their army of opposition gathers in revolt over the Conservatives cruel budget.

They know that IDS has voted for the heinous cuts on bedroom tax, tax credits, universal benefit cuts and the welfare cap.

They will lead a revolt.

Both Cameron and Osborne then announce they will reverse the cuts on the poor, it is too late. Cameron accepts the IDS resignation. Oh woe is me; conscience makes cowards of us all!

Enter three witches who appear before the court and make a prophesy… “Beware of all those who would want the crown in this place of dissent and treachery. Those who will fight for the poor must have a clear conscience and not be cowardly. Traitors will never be king!”

Marjorie Nye, address supplied

IDS on ‘Road to Damascus’?

Iain Duncan Smith has been struck with a Road to Damascus moment concerning welfare policies, forced on him by the two ‘Posh Boys’ Osbourne and Cameron. Unfortunately he has been walking that same road for the past six years, without apparently the slightest twinge to his conscience.

Can his exit road from the European Union have anything to do with his sudden conversion?

Denis Lee, Ashton

Legacy of the Prime Minister

With failed EU negotiations, immigration policy, foreign aid, and the shambles of disability payments, David Cameron is fast catching Tony Blair, and Ted Heath, as the worst and most arrogant PM in living memory.

Barrie Crowther via email

Beeches – a great ambassador

My husband recorded two television programmes entitled Who’s the Boss?

I had missed the first of the series in which the workforce do the decision-making regarding the employment of a senior member of staff.

I watched the last programme first. It involved a brewery firm from Aberdeen and the staff there had little input as the ‘boss’ was very much in charge!

It made uncomfortable viewing at times and then – what a surprise!

The second programme featured a Preston firm – Beeches chocolates.

Now I have had contact with this firm in the past and found them all to be most accommodating and indeed generous in supporting my entertainment group (the Dolly Mops)’s fund-­raising event.

Sadly, Beeches’ superb chocolates are not always easy to find locally, but hopefully their new member of staff will make a difference.

In any case, each and every member of staff was a credit to the calm and considerate boss, and the whole programme made me feel very proud of this hard­working workforce who showed great loyalty and such pride in their product.

What a great ambassador for Preston this business is, and I for one intend to support this deserving firm whenever I buy chocolates for myself or for gifts.

Well done to all the staff.

It made me proud to be a Prestonian.

Anne Wynne Jones


Photographer was A Winter

I write in response to the letter published in the LEP from Michaela McHolm, with regards to the photo of the cute little baby (LEP March 10).

I am in possession of a 1944 Preston street directory (which I had loaned to a friend, hence the delay in responding to Michaela’s request for any information on the photographer who resided at 57 Guildhall Street).

The photographer was A. Winter Photo Works.

Also named at the address was Northern Counties Wireless School, along with Purves & Co Tailors.

I do hope this information will be of help to Michaela.

M.H. Milnes