Readers' letters - July 9

A reader warns of scam phone calls
A reader warns of scam phone calls
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Scam sharks abound in this tough world

Anyone had any of those scam calls lately, with an automated message announcing in an American accent that your BT/Talk Talk landline, internet or broadband is soon to be terminated due to “interference from California”?

Seemingly the objective is to get you straight online only to be told you’re being hacked, then expecting you to pay a king’s ransom to resolve it.

Yeah, right!

There are also reams of junk mail, too, and door to door salesmen who are so persistent that you virtually have to beat them off with a stick!

They really pile on the pressure, giving you a load of rubbish about how the offer ends at midnight, they’re only in the area for a limited period – and so on!

When I was younger and dafter, I remember calling a phone-a-medium line and was told, “Can you wait a minute, luv, the medium’s just gone to the toilet”!

At first, I was prepared to believe she’d been taken short, but as the minutes ticked by, I started to wonder. Maybe she really was psychic!

So much so that she realised I was ringing and decided to do a runner.

Or, more likely, she was in a back room having a fag, glorifying in all the money she was accumulating the longer I stayed on the line.

When she finally materialised, she declared I had a departed relative and his name! Nothing like a safe bet!

I’m sure there are genuine psychics out there, but these pranksters give them a bad name.

There are so many vulnerable, often elderly, people being ripped off big time by such individuals.

Unfortunately, as soon as one scam is busted another one crops up, so it’s an ongoing process.

All we can do is to keep a constant alert.

It’s a tough, tough world out there and sharks abound!

CM Langan

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armed forces day

Thank you

to attendees

I want to say a huge thank you to all the people, both local and also holidaymakers, that attended our Armed Forces Day celebrations, held on June 30 at the Platform and on the Promenade in Morecambe. A massive thanks to Commander Tim Roberts and his team of helpers.

A big thanks to Brian Jefferson and members of Lancaster Military Heritage Group for all their help and support and to the chairman, Col Robin Jackson.

My thanks to Mr Mayor Andy Kay and Deputy Mayor Coun Claire Cozler, David Morris MP, the Deputy Lord Lieutenant, Morecambe Brass Band, Lancaster City Band and the Lune Valley Jazz Band, service personnel, veterans and the cadets.

My thanks to the Rev Andrew Osborn who conducted the Drumhead Service in the Arena area. His sermon reminded us of the sacrifices made by our personnel, past and present. The exhibits in the Platform were enjoyed by many. The North West Skydiving team display on the South Beach was enjoyed by many who waited to see the excellent skills from the team. Thank you all once again for attending.

Coun Liz Scott

Veterans’ Champion

Lancaster City Council


Keep our NHS free

Our National Health Service turned 70 on Thursday and it was great to see so many people celebrating and saying “Thank You” to NHS staff, past and present.

Like so many I’m proud we have universal, free-to-use healthcare in Britain. Unfortunately, so many across the world don’t have that luxury.

From the start of our lives, to the very end, our NHS is there for us.

We must celebrate on its 70th birthday but we also need to fight to keep it free at the point of use. As Nye Bevan said, “The NHS will last as long as there are folk left with faith to fight for it”.

Chris Webb

via email


No more skylarks

Has anyone noticed how developers name their new estates after what they have just destroyed? Presumably in a cynical attempt to sell their purchasers a piece of imagined rural idyll. Please could they be more honest? Three Dead Badgers, No More Skylarks or Goodbye Lapwings would be much nearer the mark than the Meadows, Fields and Pastures we are being offered.

Jane Adams

via email


Full house and three encores

I will certainly ‘remember’ Frank Ifield, pictured, appearing at The Globe Arena, Morecambe, recently. He sang to a full house with three encores and lots of audience participation. Also my favourite local group, Golly’s Rockola, was on hand to join in with the proceedings.

Come back soon Frank.

Mrs Sandbach

Heysham resident


Other countries will follow us

The reason the EU is playing hard to get is that should the UK leave on reasonable terms, as we should, and make a success of it, as we will, lots of countries from within the EU will

be desperate to follow


JA King

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