Readers' letters - July 4

Cuts will hurt vulnerable families says a reader
Cuts will hurt vulnerable families says a reader
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These cuts will hurt vulnerable families

I doubt that many of your readers are aware of the next round of savage cuts proposed by this uncaring (and seemingly unthinking) Tory controlled County Council administration.

Proposals currently out for consultation now include cutting the much needed Sure Start Centres based at Sharoe Green Library and New Hall Lane.

While all the evidence (see Action for Children 2018; NSPCC 2017 and JRF 2017) points to how early support and intervention with vulnerable (and not so vulnerable) families prevents long-term family breakdown and strengthens family coping strategies, LCC decides to cut such provision!

Such a decision can only add to the claims of “incompetence” by our County Hall leaders as a result of their controversial decision to award the 0-19 community health services to Virgin Care.

To now remove these much needed centres and associated services, along with leaving Lancashire tax payers with an massive bill for ‘incompetence’, will effectively be writing off a generation of children and young people.

Don’t let LCC repeat its costly mistakes contained in the Virgin Care fiasco, rather help them see the flawed logic in these proposed cuts.

This is a decision that is both short-sighted and one that will surely add to the already growing numbers of local children who are subject to care and child protection plans.

On behalf of Fulwood Labour Party, I urge your readers to look at this consultation (available on the LCC website) and make their feelings known before the closing date on August 8, 2018.

Dawn Judd

Fulwood Labour Party Women’s Officer


Unpredictable election result

If Brexit is not achieved by the time of the next election, even an early snap election, I believe that situation is very likely to lead to an unusually high number of one-off tactical votes, such as a traditional Labour or Liberal voter, who voted leave in the EU referendum, voting Conservative or UKIP to get the EU out through the back door.

Or a traditional Tory voter, who voted remain, voting Labour or Liberal (or SNP if in Scotland) to let the EU back in through the back door. This would make the election result very unpredictable. It would also be like a rematch of the EU referendum.

R N Coupe

Lostock Hall


English Martyrs Cricket Team

Re: English Martyrs Cricket Team (LP Looking Back June 18, 2018). On the back row were: T Fairclough (PNE & Morecambe FC); P Lovick (Corinthians FC); B Danson; M Osborne; K Ward; K Nixon and A Hothersal (West End FC). On the front row were: S Rose; G Green; B Eccles (Chorley FC), R Anderton and L Gornal (PNE). Other players not on the picture were M Wareing, K Battersby and L Ridge.

The match was over two innings against St Joseph.

English Martyrs batted first and scored 190. St Joseph –1st innings all out for 62 and asked to follow on.

In the second innings, they scored 60.

Leo was one of the first footballers to play in the USA. G Green played in goal for the Army. Unfortunately half the team are no longer with us.

Brian Eccles

via email


Shrinking chocolate

Last week I bought multi-packs of a couple of my favourite brands of chocolate bars.

Upon opening them, I find that the bars themselves have got smaller again. (That’s size of course, not price!)

That is the second time in, I think, less than a year. If we go on at this rate, the ‘real thing’ and the miniatures in packs of Celebrations will both be the same item!

Neil Inkley



Crack down on moped muggers

Just about every day we hear of another murder or violent crime being reported, this despite official figure claiming that crime is on the decline.

One of the new perpetrators appears to be the so-called ‘moped muggers’, who blatantly rob jewellery and mobile phones off unsuspecting victims with impunity, because police appear afraid of over-reaction by elements of political correctness.

This Conservative government is doing little

to assure the citizens of

this country that they are acting to resolve and indeed reverse the situation.

The Manchester Police Force are, however, taking the lead on the matter and should be congratulated for their actions, as anyone who has seen the recent news video, in which they arrested two suspect ‘ moped muggers’ in their tracks, will agree. Well done to them.

Now it is surely the duty of this government to ensure other police forces follow suit.

Phil Griffiths

Broadcaster and Commentator