Readers' letters - July 20

A correspondent writes about school proms
A correspondent writes about school proms
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Keep school prom nights within reason

Well, it’s that time of year again when school proms abound.

Just what are they all about?

In my day (here I go again), you just left school and that was it.

End of.

There may have been a school leavers’ disco and uniforms being ceremoniously ripped up outside the school gates, but there were certainly no ball gowns, dapper suits

or limousines in the equation.

I heard about one girl’s parents shelling out a small fortune on their daughter’s prom night, then the girl got so drunk that she couldn’t even remember what had happened during her once-in-a-lifetime experience.

What a waste.

However, casting my mind back 40 years ago when I was of that age, would I have wanted to celebrate the end of my school days?

You bet.

Maybe not in that manner though and I still don’t see how such over-the-top expense can be justified.

The competitive element is bad news too.

Poorer kids must feel inferior when their parents are unable to afford such extravagances.

Still, I’m not going to judge the kids or parents, if it’s all within reason.

It is a rite of passage after all and if they want to celebrate it then so be it, I suppose.

Horses for courses, so they say.

CM Langan

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David Icke


of speech

I have just finished reading Henry Widdas’ piece on David Icke (LP July 14). I want to say how encouraging and refreshing it is to see a mainstream journalist doing what Henry has done.

He approached this is in a totally non-judgmental way, as opposed to most of his fellow mainstream colleagues who either completely ignore what David Icke has to say or simply trot out the old chestnut that he is a nutter. I remember seeing the infamous Wogan interview at the time and, like most people, I guess I was fooled into thinking what everyone else did.

It was only some time later that I actually started reading what David had to say and whilst I don’t agree with everything he believes, he is certainly bang on the money in most respects. We live in an age of deliberate misinformation and double-speak, especially where the mainstream media is concerned. Not only this but basic freedoms of speech are being systematically eroded to the point where, unless your view dovetails with the official narrative, you find yourself under attack in some form or other.

David has been on the receiving end of this during his speaking tour. This is a disgrace. Whether you agree with David or not, I would absolutely defend his or anyone else’s right to speak their truth, however uncomfortable it may be for some to hear. This is the true nature of democracy and it’s about time we had one. Again, many congratulations on what Henry has done and let’s hope some of his colleagues in the mainstream follow suit.

Tim Kennedy

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What about horse mess?

I don’t want to appear to be a moaner, but, please take a look at the photo, inset. This was taken at about 8pm on Saturday, July 14, a mess which has been there since or before 8am the previous Wednesday. This is part of the Guild Wheel linking Bluebell Way and Longridge Road, between Recycling Lives and Booths. It’s good dog owners are made to clear up after their pets, but what about the horrendous mess horses make? There has been no effort to clear this up. This is quite a busy shared use path, especially with the nice weather, people cycling and walking to work, workers going for a lunchtime stroll, etc, and yet they have to endure such a mess. History has taught us the dangers of such messes when our towns and cities were full of horses and killer diseases.

Andrew Potter

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Meat decision was a good one

I would just like to say it was a good decision to stop halal meat in our schools.

I hope it continues – keep it that way. Thank you Keith Iddon, what you said must have hit home. Thank you to the LP for printing our letters. Very happy Friday.

L Hassouna



Strikes on

the railways

What does Transport Secretary Chris Grayling propose to do to stop the industrial action on the region’s railways?

My mistake.

It’s in the North so it apparently doesn’t matter to him.

Andrew Mercer

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