Readers' letters - July 11

A reader says bad driving posture can be dangerous
A reader says bad driving posture can be dangerous
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Bad driving posture can be dangerous too

The AA says learner drivers should have to prove they can see potholes in the driving test.

This subject is significant to me, not because of the subject of potholes, but because of the bad seating position of many drivers.

Drivers will see potholes only if they are able to see the road surface from their usual driving position.

For quite some time now, I have been concerned when I see hundreds of drivers whose heads are almost behind the steering-wheel with their eyes almost level with, or just above, the top of the steering wheel.

This means that the driver is unable to see the surface of the road ahead and can only see the top-half of the vehicle in front.

So consequently they won’t see any road lane markings, especially direction arrows and yellow box junctions, pedestrian crossings and, of course, the aforementioned potholes and small children.

I drive a Ford Focus and am of average height and able to see the road surface about four metres in front.

The problem seems to be with drivers who are smaller than average.

Then there are the young male drivers who think it’s cool to look bored with driving and slump down in the driver’s seat (often without the seat-belt as well).

I don’t know if any police check patrol would consider a bad driving position to be a careless-driving offence.

Mr S B Oliver

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Targeting the wrong president

Which country’s president appears responsible for the use of nerve agent to poison and kill citizens in this country, facilitating the chemical bombing of innocent women and children in Syria, the jailing of anybody who politically opposes him, the persecution of homosexuals and the invasion and annexation of a sovereign country? The list of appalling actions is never ending.

This is not the actions of the President of the USA but the President of Russia, Putin – but who do the Marxist left of the Labour Party target?

Not President Putin but President Trump.

They then have decided, with the help of the most useless Mayor of London ever, Sadiq Khan, to fly an inflatable balloon depicting a baby President Trump over the Houses of Parliament.

This is the actions of pubescent sixth formers who have just lost their dummies, not supporters of a once great party. God help us if that shower ever get a chance to govern our great nation.

Bernard Darbyshire

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May’s plan?

I have been wondering for months why the EU has been allowed to put forward its propaganda unchallenged.

Apparently, according to this, there is no way we can actually leave without a civil war in the island of Ireland and economic ruin for the UK, but there is no response from our government.

Now I’m not clever enough to come up with a solution, but I do now wonder whether our PM, (a remainer by inclination), had a masterplan all along which would appear so unworkable that Brexit would have to be abandoned.

However, I am not sure whether there is any way forward now that would gain sufficient support from MPs, no matter what the referendum mandated.




He should have got on his bike

Did the resignation of David Davis belatedly trigger Boris Johnson’s resignation from Ministerial office, or would he have clung to office like his co-Brexiteer Michael Gove?

His scathing letter of resignation, forcefully criticising the Prime Minister, should surely have been penned last Friday or Saturday.

As far as I can tell, Mrs May’s Brexit Plan, which she claimed the entire Cabinet had agreed to after the Chequers meeting, remains the same.

Perhaps at the time he could not face the long walk home. In that case, he should have taken his bike with him.

Denis Lee


animal welfare

Barbaric way to slaughter

I read Tom Earnshaw’s article with shock and amazement regarding the county council consultation concerning the supply of non-stunned halal meat to the schools in Lancashire (LP July 5).

Were the 65 per cent voting against the ban motivated by the Lancashire Council of Mosques?

It would be a total travesty if, at the LCC Cabinet meeting this Thursday, the ban is not upheld.

In this country, we must support animal welfare.

It is totally barbaric to slaughter animals by this method.

Peter Robinson