Readers' letters - January 10

Freedom of Press at risk
A correspondent writes about the Press Regulation Act, which is being considered by Parliament. See letterA correspondent writes about the Press Regulation Act, which is being considered by Parliament. See letter
A correspondent writes about the Press Regulation Act, which is being considered by Parliament. See letter

Is everyone fully aware of the Press Regulation Act, referred to as Section 40, now being considered by Parliament?

It can possibly restrict the future freedom of the Press to publish any revealing investigations because of proposals to inflict crippling costs, which most newspapers can ill afford and so they will effectively be silenced?

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We, who are citizens of this democratic country, feel it is our right and privilege (which has been formerly effective for many centuries) to be informed about any proposals /actions of corrupt businessmen, politicians and officials and the possible abuse of children etc which should be brought into the light and prevented.

Most are reasonably aware of the results of the Leveson Enquiry, aired some 12 months ago, which rightly condemned some newspapers for overstepping the rights of privacy and protection which should be accorded to all individuals.

However, as a result, there now exists two forms of proposed future protections – the IPSO and the IMPRESS (the so-called Royal Charter run by politicians and funded by wealthy Max Mosley who holds long-standing grievances against all newspapers, particularly the now defunct News of the World, which was instrumental in revealing his predilection for holding sex orgies).

The IPSO proposal, favoured by most newspapers, is run by a former Court of Appeal Judge. It enforces strict standards of fairness and accuracy and has power to impose fines of up to £1m on those that fall short of these standards.

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Whereas Section 40, if adopted by Parliament, would enable politicians to set restraints on these very journalists who should be advising the common man where such matters are being abused. For example, the abuse of MPs’ Parliamentary expenses.

This matter is particularly important viewed in the light of the recent EU Referendum Brexit vote, which opted for preserving our UK Sovereignty and should now preserve the freedom of a free independent Press as a beacon to the world, not threatened by our MPs and Lords.

E J Tilley

Address supplied


Government doesn’t care

It was heartbreaking to read of the scale of homelessness in the Wigan Evening Post.

A record number of people are now sleeping rough and the blame must lie squarely on the shoulders of this present Tory Government.

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It is a truly shocking indictment of their austerity policy and they ought to hang their heads in shame – but they won’t because they don’t care.

These homeless folk are victims of a cruel plot by a Government that refuses to tackle the issue.

Since the Tories seized power, this country (the sixth richest economy in the world) has seen the most disgraceful assault on the working classes and unfortunates in over 100 years.

I don’t recollect food banks under Labour Governments, and people’s benefits being stopped for whatever reason this Government see fit.

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I do not recollect the economy being in tatters as it is now... This lot in power simply don’t care.

Barry Swift,

Hindley Green.


English to pay for wall?

When Nicola Sturgeon gets the result she wants regarding independence for Scotland, do you think she will play her trump card by rebuilding Hadrian’s Wall and getting the English to pay for it?

Don Webb via email