Readers' letters - February 6

Looking Back house was a lovely home

Friday, 9th February 2018, 2:08 pm
Updated Friday, 9th February 2018, 3:15 pm
The Looking Back picture comes from Barretts Directory of Preston (1936) edition and comes courtesy of Preston Digital Archive

An edition of Looking Back featured an advert from I Spencer and son who were house builders on Liverpool Road, Penwortham (LP Looking Back January


Your article showed a photograph of a house in the advert and asked “Maybe your house was built by this company?”

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I am fairly sure that the house photographed in the advert is 21 Hollinhurst Avenue, Penwortham, which my wife and I, along with our two children, lived at between July 2001 and June 2012.

The stone frames around the lounge windows and

the entrance to the front door are instantly recognisable.

The house was built in 1928 and stands on the site of the former Penwortham Priory, which was demolished sometime

before that date.

The house originally had a very large plot – half of which was sold in the late 1980s/early 1990s to create an additional property which became 19A Hollinhurst Avenue.

We bought the house from Gary Peters (former manager of PNE) and his wife.

Gary bought the house sometime in 1998 and carried out a full-scale makeover of the property, including extensions and a refurbishment of the whole house.

We did a house swap with Gary who moved into our former farmhouse in Chapel Lane, Longton, which Gary did a further makeover on before moving on a year or so later.

The house in the article was a lovely house with a warm and sunny large back garden and we have lots of happy memories of living there.

Thank you for re-kindling some of those memories.

Clive Portman



My dad took Guild photo

With all respect to Steve Holden, the photo you published last Wednesday was taken by my father, Keith Scott, and is held online by the Preston Digital Archive in the N Keith Scott Collection album (LP Looking Back, January 31).

On the picture in question, at the far end of the fourth row is Keith’s brother, Geoffrey P Scott, who had butcher’s shops on New Hall Lane and Garstang Road, just south of the Black Bull.

Geoff knew where Keith was taking photos, which is why he’s staring straight at the camera!

The N Keith Scott Collection on the PDA has a fairly exhaustive collection of most of the floats in the 1972 Trades Procession and also the Ecumenical Procession.

Your readers are encouraged to view pictures online and if they spot a relative are welcome to print off a copy of the image for personal use.

Tarquin Scott

via email


Importance of our A&E

Re: 10 years after knife attack – Jessica Knight (LP February 1).

A very brave young girl (pictured).

If this had happened today, with our A&E in Chorley only open for 12 hours – and the chance of getting an ambulance dramatically reduced – would she have survived?

Just think about this if it was your son or daughter, every second counts in an emergency.

Our life-saving A&E is under threat of full closure, this is why our Chorley & South Ribble campaigners have demonstrated for nearly 100 weeks (on March 10).

To stop this happening, join us – 10am until 11am every Saturday, outside our hospital.

One fight, we all Unite!

Steven Turner

Co Chairman

Protect Chorley

Hospital against Cuts and Privatisation


How much do changes cost?

Re: Hollinshead Street Car Park, Chorley.

I have been using this car park for several months, during which time I have noticed several changes :­

The entrance became the exit and vice versa.

The centre line parking bays have disappeared.

A set of steps were built, leading from one section of the car park to the other, replacing a slope.

Two weeks ago workmen were digging up these steps, and then last week they were building new steps. I hate to think how much this work has cost and all because little or no thought was put into planning this car park.

W K Clueit



Councillors not paying bills

Re: Councillors named and shamed in failing to pay their council tax bills (LP January 30).

How appalling that councillors in Clayton-le-Woods failed to pay their council tax bills when, not only do they receive an allowance from Chorley Council, but they are responsible for the high rise in the precept of over 60

per cent which falls to the ratepayers of Clayton-le-Woods.

If they cannot afford to pay their bills then how do they expect residents, without such perks, to pay theirs?


Residents of Clayton-Le-Woods