Readers’ letters - February 28

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PNE – a great team on and off the pitch

This is regarding an elderly gentleman by the name of Albert. He is more than an avid North End fan, the club means everything to him.

Unfortunately, Albert isn’t able to get to games any more for health reasons.

When the staff, in particular Hannah at PNEFC, heard about Albert’s situation, they went out of their way to help (with the full backing of everyone behind the scenes at the club). Hannah approached all the usual services, all of whom, for financial reasons, said they could not help. Not to be deterred, she approached fans and asked for help from them.

The response was good. Hannah, Zoe and Mark saw a selection of fans with a view to finding one specific carer.

They also arranged for a small pool of people ready to step in when the main carer is unable to support Albert so that, potentially, he never misses a home game.

How good is that of the club? Especially in a world where the vulnerable matter less and less each passing year. How good is it of our fans that we want to help our own?

This isn’t the first time the club has gone out of its way to help, to my personal knowledge.

I know of one time that Ben Rhodes arranged with Watford FC for a seven-year-old child living in Preston to be a mascot for PNEFC at Vicarage Road. That child was given a private box and full hospitality for the day, she was able to meet her family from Hertfordshire and take a little friend from Preston. That child and her little friend were so thrilled. Now 16, they still talk about it! I have always wanted to thank Ben for that publicly, so I take this opportunity, thank you Ben.

I am very proud to call myself a fan of this great club. Everything at the moment makes me proud, especially when the club demonstrates so well we truly are in this together, no matter how old, young, abled or disabled.

On top of all this, we have a really good team that gets more exciting to watch as time goes by. We really need more of us to be there though, because I am not alone in believing something special is happening at Deepdale.

So come on, support our club. The current set-up have earned it. Thank you Preston North End staff and management, your hard work is more appreciated than you know.

Joan Gibbons

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You don’t have to vote for austerity

When I look at the way this country is going, I despair. I used to be immensely proud of it, but now I find it hard to feel the same.

As a nation we have voted to leave the security of the European Union – it seems because many don’t like immigration.

They have voted in another Tory government because it seems they don’t like the Labour leader.

This despite their austerity measures hitting us hard with no end in sight to the policy. I struggle to understand the mindset of people who would prefer to endure this with all that it means.

Our schools are now facing draconian cuts which will mean larger class sizes and fewer teachers.

We are seeing the virtual abandonment of any decency and care for the disabled, the elderly and mentally ill citizens – in fact the end of everything that made our country the envy of the world. All because they don’t like the leader of the Labour Party.

Ask yourself a question.

Would Tories treat their children or parents the way they are treating ours?

The Tories who avoid paying their taxes while refusing to spend ours to make our lives better!

We are still a very rich country. After all, we can, it seems, afford to spend £250bn on a missile system that is of no real use to us as we could never use it!

Our present Prime Minister is taking us back to the dark days of Thatcher.

Despite being unelected, even by her own party, Theresa May (pictured) acts like she actually has a mandate for her despicable actions. Nothing she has done or announced since she took office will make our lives better but much of it will make life a lot worse for many of us.

We seem to be wringing our hands and wondering why someone doesn’t do something about it.

Well, there is someone, but you have rejected him because you don’t like him!

Think about that when your free health service goes and your kids’ school has no teachers.

Jeff McCann



Negative effect of fracking protests

Admittedly, the weather was somewhat inclement for this weekend’s fracking protest, but the turnout seems to have been unreasonably low, even with the “extras and heavies” brought in from other areas. Looks like the protests are running out of steam.

But why am I, a Fylde/Lancashire council tax payer, paying out for our police to manage these events when they could be better employed elsewhere? There may be a few motorists who are “tooting to support”, but the vast majority simply see it as an irrelevant delay in their journeys. As the news of these delays are mentioned in the media, it is bound to have a negative effect on the tourist industry, particularly with the Easter holiday coming up soon. Much of our local economy is dependent upon money brought into the area by visitors.

The current activity on the Preston New Road site appears to be of an exploratory nature and the results should give us a better understanding of “the facts”. So, until this phase is completed, there seems little point in the protest activity.

And, finally, the actions of some of the disguised individuals who were provoking the police, trespassing, deliberately disrupting the traffic and causing wilful damage will not endear them to the local residents.

If the local protesters are looking for support, this is not the way forward.

All-in-all it looks to have been a negative effect.

Frank McLaughlin



90th birthday a happy success

Many thanks to all my relations and friends for your gifts, donations and cards on my 90th birthday.

It was wonderful to see you all, especially those who had travelled many miles for the celebrations at St Walburge’s, Preston, and to the more local families who put so much effort into making it a happy success.

£700 each was sent to two local children’s charities: Space and Caritas Care, both of Ashton, Preston.

These generous donations were gratefully received.

With love and many thanks for your kindness.

Veronica Judge (Mrs)

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What’s in those holiday rucksacks?

We are just back from a winter break and for the last few years we have noticed, and are confused by, the numbers of people on holiday in hotels who always have a big rucksack on their backs. Can someone please enlighten me on what’s in them?

We go to breakfast with only a room key!

Another puzzle is the number of men who come home from a warm climate to a cold one –still in shorts.

What’s that all about?

They can’t all be postmen, can they?

Bob Mason