Readers' letters - December 7

UCLan's plans for its brand new flagship student centre on the site of its former Flyde Building, north of the Adelphi roundabout
UCLan's plans for its brand new flagship student centre on the site of its former Flyde Building, north of the Adelphi roundabout
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What’s in a name for UCLan proposal?

This could have become a very long script concerning the development of UCLan in the city of Preston.

But simply, it is about the name to be used to identify the ‘square’ now starting to take shape at the heart of the uni campus, destined to become an international go-to destination at Preston central.

Early publicity for the development plan has hinted fairly strongly at identifying with Adelphi.

That could be developed into quite a testing debate around history, culture and much else – maybe such has already been scripted.

Will the name be decided by some approved, legal process, or by a means to be yet determined, possibly a twitter storm of hashtags or a phone-in?

There may yet be multiple proposals of unlikely ‘offerings’ in a modern vernacular which, though seeming ‘ like a good idea now’, would inevitably fail the test of time.

I would like to ‘post’ my suggestion.

My initial assessment identified a simple choice reflecting the historical ‘face-off’ between the town’s priests and the (at least two) innkeepers for each.

So, Adelphi, the pub, or St Peter’s, the church?

Each name well attached, even welded into the


Each with a long attachment and the experts can argue about which came first.

It seems that certainly the nature of the institution now developing around the kernel of the Arts Centre and Library, which occupies the original St Peter’s Square, requires a name of significant gravity, and given that the new ‘square’ development amounts, on the ground, to a reshaping of the existing St Peter’s Square, surely it has to be St Peter, The Rock. QED.

But hold on.

Across the ‘square’ is the Harris (formerly Institute) without which...

So why not H.....?

Grandad George

via email


Funding blows from leaving EU

P Ward in his letter a few weeks ago alleges the BBC has fewer Brexiteers on its news programmes because of the £2m that they receive from the EU (LP Letters, November 8).

However, I think he should be more concerned about the £211m EU funding stream that Lancashire County Council will lose.

This money is used for things like £11.4m to help deliver superfast broadband across the county and £1.6m for a scheme aimed at reducing the number of young people not in education, employment and training.

There is no guarantee that this type of funding will continue when we leave the EU and, with the severe cutbacks already imposed, it is something the county council can ill afford.



Address supplied


PM must be tough in talks

No one said Brexit would be easy – and so it is proving.

Every day there are new twists and turns and it seems at every hint of a step forward, negotiations take three paces back.

It is hardly surprising that talks with the EU are stuttering when the Tories cannot agree among themselves or even put on a public show of rowing in the same direction.

And it is hypocritical of the Labour Party to criticise when they are also in a complete shambles over Brexit.

But one thing is clear – the majority voted to leave the EU to escape its bureaucratic stranglehold on British life and to regain control of our borders and stop uncontrolled immigration.

Theresa May must be strong in the face of all obstacles and not lose sight of the fact that the EU needs us more than we need


It is a strong card in her hand and she must play it well.

Paul Nuttall

North West MEP

UK Independence Party


A wonderful night out

Longridge Late Night Shopping was a wonderful night.

Lovely crisp, dry weather made for a fantastic atmosphere and OJ’s lantern procession complemented the evening perfectly.

Longridge Band played festive tunes throughout the night, along with carol singers outside shops.

Berry Lane School Markets were a huge success, as was Santa’s Grotto at The Limes.

Tracey and Mandy would like to thank all businesses who took part, including The Rotary Club, Longridge Field Day committee and also Longridge Fire Service and local police for their presence all evening.

Thanks also to Chocolate Heaven for making chocolate lollies.

These were given out as a gesture of thanks from all Longridge businesses to the 45 children of Berry Lane and Barnacre Road schools for decorating our colourful posters, kindly created by Blue Moon Computers.

Thank you! And a big thank you to Lisa, Angie and the OJ’s team....thank you so much for lighting up Longridge with your amazing lantern procession.

It was a truly successful evening.

Tracey McComb and Mandy Taylor

Owners of Charisma and Desire Handbags



Thanks to Rotarians

I have just returned from another successful Rotary Party and I would like to thank all the members of the Rotary Club of Longridge and North Preston for all the hard work they put into it.

Nothing was too much trouble for them and we were looked after so well all afternoon.

The tea was excellent and grateful thanks go to local firms for helping to provide such fare. We were entertained by a lady singer and a ukulele band. They were very jolly and kept up our spirits all afternoon.

Once again these Rotarians have provided a Christmas party for senior citizens and appreciation goes out from all of us.

Margaret Paynter

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