Readers’ letters - August 22

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Sir Bruce’s death was end of an era

On Friday it really was the end of an era and generation with the very sad passing of Sir Bruce Forsyth.

Though I was too young to remember Sunday Night at the London Palladium, which was Sir Bruce’s major break into showbusiness, I am old enough to remember the 70s version of The Generation Game which was must-see telly back in the day, followed by Play Your Cards Right, The Price is Right, the reinvented version in the 90s of The Generation Game, his appearance in the noughties on Have I Got News for You and his swansong, Strictly Come Dancing.

A true all-round entertainer, he could sing, tap dance, was a very efficient piano player, told gags and loved dealing with the public.

He was one of a kind who will be very sadly missed.

Here’s an idea that maybe the producer of Strictly may think about as a lasting tribute – why not rename the glitterball trophy after Sir Bruce?

Peter Keighley

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Happy ending for feline Eeor

You kindly published an appeal for my missing blind cat and I thought you might like an update.

Eeor staggered home at 3am on Friday morning after 23 days absence. He was very thin and dehydrated but pleased to be home.

I’m convinced he was shut in somewhere and he obviously hadn’t had anything to eat or drink during that time.

He’s recovering nicely but won’t leave my side, but I have high hopes that his confidence will soon return.

Eeor was rescued as a tiny abandoned kitten from the streets of the UAE eight years ago.

He had no hair and runny eyes, a very loud cry and a strong urge for survival.

He was rescued by my son, but after repeated problems with his eyes, he eventually had to have them removed.

This didn’t stop him climbing to great heights and managing to go for adventures outside and return home.

The family eventually relocated back to Preston and he ended up with

me. He’s a well known character in the street as he goes about his daily feline neighbourhood watch, checking out his territory, always being careful to take refuge in a garden if he hears a car coming.

Keeping him inside would not work for Eeor.

He’s a cat from the streets and unhappy unless he has his freedom, so we have decided to get a GPS tracking device for his collar.

I would like to thank the LP, Radio Lancashire, numerous rescue organisations, my neighbours and the many people who I’ve never met who called with support or contacted me over the internet. I now know, if I didn’t before, that there are a lot of very caring people in the area.

Ann Deane

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Last chance to stop fracking

Cuadrilla has started drilling in Lancashire, hoping to frack in December if it obtains final permission from the Secretary of State for Energy.

Nobody doubts that well proliferation will follow if Cuadrilla (as well as Third Energy and INEOS) decide that fracking is viable and will profit them.

Similarly, very few can square a new UK fossil fuel industry with our commitment to a reduction in global warming.

On the contrary, other resource extractors will be incentivised, global warming will be boosted to an irreversible point whilst renewables are denied the level of support they would otherwise receive.

This might be our last chance to stop that first fatal frack.

Those of us who care and who accept this argument should support, now, the Friends of the Earth petition asking MP Greg Clark to think again before granting final permission. There is nothing shameful about a U-turn if you discover you have been mistaken.

David Cragg-James

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Oh to be a great crested newt!

Re: PNE scheme put on hold (LP August 19).

Let me begin by stating that I love all forms of life, have been a vegetarian for over 40 years, and believe animals have as much right as we humans to inhabit our planet, but I do have a laugh when these plans are delayed by such a small creature.

Perhaps the planners would like to hold up works because of a breeding fly colony or perhaps they have found some earthworms that live very naturally in all types of soil.

Yes, I know the newt is an endangered species, however, I am sure they would quickly relocate when a few large diggers start moving vast amounts of soil near them.

If there is reincarnation, please let me resurface as a great crested newt. They seem to have more protection, warranted or not.

Very tickled




Independent shops are best

On returning to live in Chorley after a gap of some 40 years, I have been pleasantly surprised to see how Chorley has developed into such an attractive town.

I have needed decorating materials to revamp our bungalow and have only latterly discovered Stills of 8 Pall Mall, one of the small individual shops which have largely disappeared due to development in the town.

The large impersonal outlets cannot compare with the variety, reasonable prices and individual attention one gets in such a shop. I wish I had discovered Stills earlier in my redecorating endeavours.

M Smith



Rubbing salt in the wound

Yet again this Conservative Government has shown its total lack of interest in the north of England.

It has broken its promise to improve the rail service in this part of the country, and, just to rub salt into the wound, increased cost of rail travel has just been announced.

Stephen Wright

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