Readers' letters - August 21

Concerns of pollution and traffic congestion

Wednesday, 23rd August 2017, 6:47 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:32 pm

Re: Green light for training ground, (LP August 11).

Shame on all councillors and planning officers who voted to ignore the local plans, which say the land should not be built on but used for social and recreational pursuits.

It is a habitat for flora and fauna and wildlife, a place where walkers, joggers and dog walkers could enjoy peace and quiet, walking on footpaths with a view over the wooded areas and golf course.

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Even if some of this area has public access, the view will be of a housing estate, not as picturesque as a golf course.

The purpose of building the training facility was to change the land usage to allow house building.

This is of no benefit to Preston’s residents as local areas – Fulwood, Ingol and Cottam – will have increased problems with traffic congestion and air pollution at a time when the Government is saying local councils should be addressing and reducing air pollution. These are public health issues.

Green spaces are needed in inner city areas to offset the carbon footprint and help prevent poor air quality as countryside is being built on and more housing is creating urban sprawl.

There are six schools in these area and several nurseries.

Air pollution is harmful to them.

Our children and grandchildren will not thank us for this legacy. I was surprised and disappointed that all Labour councillors had voted in favour of overturning the Local Plan.

They should be supporting residents who are affected by this over-development and not encouraging property developers, enabling them to become even more wealthy and powerful.

Fulwood Resident


I’m not racist

or a halfwit

Those of us who voted to leave the EU in last year’s referendum have had a good deal of stick from those who voted to remain.

Present and past politicians (there are hundreds of them) from all the major parties, whose policies before June 2016 were firmly pro-EU, have been particularly keen to condemn us.

We Brexiteers are portrayed by Remainers as being racist halfwits.

I am not a racist, indeed I am ashamed of our Government’s inadequate response to the plight of the poor souls who have fled the living hells in the Middle East and North Africa.

Nor am I a halfwit.

I take my inspiration from the American colonists of the late 18th century whose motto was “taxation without representation is tyranny”.

We UK taxpayers pay taxes to the EU, but are powerless to bring about reform of this oversized, overblown, bureaucratic and possibly corrupt entity via the ballot box.

And don’t tell me that my vote in elections to the European Parliament constitutes my representation.

I don’t know how MEPs pass their time (mainly packing for their next move from Strasbourg to Brussels or vice versa, I wouldn’t be surprised) but what they don’t do is bring about long-overdue reform.

The June 2016 referendum gave us the only chance (apart from voting Ukip) to protest about this state of affairs. I am proud to have been one of the majority who took that chance.

Richard Ainley

Address supplied


Drunken louts on our flights

We have experienced drunken louts on some of our flights to Mallorca and we feel ashamed to be called British.

We see young people, mainly men, downing pints of beer in the airport as early as 5am. Their attitude is “my holiday starts here”. Why is it that those who abuse the system end up making it difficult for everyone else, and then every Brit is tarred with the same brush?

Why do journalists write articles about this problem but never mention the issue of drinking in the airport before boarding the plane?

Surely the solution must be to ban the sale of alcohol in the airports and even on the plane itself?

We have seen reports on Spanish TV showing the disgusting scenes that take place in their resorts.

These British people also take up a lot of time and resources by needing hospital treatment in the countries they visit.

M Bonser

via email


A warning from Venezuela

Free university education, increased social benefits (no bedroom tax), increased funding for the NHS, increased social housing, nationalised banks, utility companies and transport, borrow billions to improve roads and infrastructure.

Sound familiar?

No, it’s not the Labour Party manifesto, but the policy of the socialist government of Hugo Chavez that’s left Venezuela more or less destitute and stuck with social unrest and a left wing socialist government the people cannot seem to get rid of. This is a country that should be oil rich.

All you can say (at best) in defence of Mr Chavez, is he meant well.

Cecil Crinnion

Address supplied


Being taken

for a ‘ride’

I am surprised and greatly disturbed by the news that we are to experience a hike in our train fares – this coming on top of a seeming reluctance to spend money on rail services outside London.

For people like myself who rely on what is not ideal transportation, generally and cost-wise, it is just another example of us northerner mugs being taken for a ‘ride’.

I have to point out too that three of my grandchildren, all with homes in the north, will also find extra charges more than simply an added irritant to a sub-standard service, on their trips to and from university. I ask myself this question: “Does this Government care the slightest for those who are not in their cosy little group?”

Robert Roberts

via email


Thank you for generosity

I would like to thank everyone who kindly donated when we held our street collection in Preston on August 12, on behalf of Prevent Unwanted Pets. We raised £103.55 which will be put to good use, paying for neutering and other veterinary costs for animals in need in Lancashire.

Kathy M Pate

Prevent Unwanted Pets

animal welfare

Action of a psychopath

All blood sports should be banned. Killing sentient beings for fun is the action of a psychopath.

Margaret Ellis

via email