Readers' letters - April 23

Martin Molloy, the licensee at the Stanley Arms
Martin Molloy, the licensee at the Stanley Arms
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Social media vital to small business

My name is Martin Molloy and I am the licensee of The Stanley Arms, Wesham. I thought I’d just drop you a line with regards the recent news of J D Wetherspoon’s decision to cut all social media ties, and a recent Facebook post that I shared on my business page.

Tim Martin’s decision for his company to do this has, rather ironically, attracted much social media attention, so my theory is it’s a headline grabbing ploy and they’ll be back on it within a couple of months.

And once they go “back online” that too will be big news, so it’s a win-win situation.

I would like to share with you news of a post I put on my business Facebook page for The Stanley Arms, a simple one which I shared from a team called Gone Viral.

This post now has more than 1.7m views and 48,000 comments!

It has gone around the globe and has got everyone in my establishment talking.

Social media, for small businesses like mine, plays a huge role – it showcases our offers, news, charity events and promotions.

It brings customers and the community together.

It’s a real source of information, if used properly.

Maybe Tim Martin thinks that, because his chain is so successful, he doesn’t have to bother with social media and ultimately what people think, then good luck to him. But for little back street pubs like mine, my customer’s opinions matter, my positive reviews are very much appreciated and greatly received, and social media goes a long way to highlighting this.

In an world of small local businesses going under, every bit of help is needed and I’m grateful a simple Facebook post that has gone viral has got the name of my business out there.

Martin Molloy

Stanley Arms, Wesham

(Pictured, Martin Molloy, the licensee at the Stanley Arms)


Abysmal driving on our roads

Being in the category of older drivers, and having been trained to a very high standard, including pursuit driving, I find it is usually the inconsiderate ‘boy racer’ type of driver who generally creates problems on our roads, or those with little or no consideration/patience for other road users.

Newly qualified drivers must appreciate that gaining a driving licence is only the first stage of developing skills in relation to the ‘art’ of driving.

Good driving comes with lots of practice, common sense, observation, anticipation, consideration whilst adhering to road traffic law.

Being granted a driving licence does not give anyone a God-given right to drive like an idiot, as some do.

Any government introduction which generates a better standard of driving has to be embraced.

Driving standards in the UK are abysmal with inconsiderate and impatient drivers being seen all too often, including young and old alike.

Shaun Kavanagh

via email


Caring royals

We all needed a reason to be more optimistic about our future in view of the Windrush migrants debacle, Corbynism, Daesh and possible Russian cyber attacks.

It was provided by the superlative ITV programme featuring the Queen, David Attenborough, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry and Angelina Jolie and her family.

Her Majesty the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy is a brilliant idea.

How lucky we are to have a Royal family which really cares and another 91-year-old of quality in David Attenborough (pictured with the Queen)!

Surely there cannot be many republicans left in Britain in view of the royal family’s recent sensational revival after its earlier misfortunes? I certainly hope not.

We should recognise our good fortune in having this fantastic family, which is revered throughout the world.

JD Clark

via email


Giddy up ...


Stop that mail coach.

I don’t believe it! (So says Victor Meldrew).

I sent my sister-in-law, who lives in Leyland, an Easter card with a first class stamp on. This was sent from a Preston city centre postbox.

I posted it on Thursday, March 29.

When did it arrive?

Tuesday, April 10.

Whoa! That must be a record. Come on Royal Mail, get your act together.

What a let down.

Giddy up.

Mrs Meldrew



Bombing was no surprise

Mr Mercer seems to ignore the morality of the bombing of Syria when he considers merely the element of surprise (LP Letters, April


What surprise ?

Was he on another planet when all the world was informed of the most recent plan to bomb Syria?

Syria, a helpless country already bombed for seven years at the cost of the loss

of many, largely civilian, lives ?

Ron and Elizabeth Atkins