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A reader is angry over fly-tipping
A reader is angry over fly-tipping
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Stop fly-tipping and put value on rubbish

I remember in my younger days, especially in the school holidays, a favourite pastime was looking out for abandoned empty glass bottles, collecting them and taking them back to the shops which sold that brand, thus pocketing the refundable deposits.

This often doubled my pocket money and I was able to save up more easily for extra treats.

Why don’t they apply deposits on those items which are most commonly fly tipped?

At a later date there would be the incentive to go to an official recycling plant to obtain the deposit back.

It may even bring back a return of the rag and bone trade?

Old fridge freezers could be worth say £30 and smaller appliances £20 or £10.

All items that people take for tipping or recycling should be free of charge.

Because having to pay just encourages fly tipping to avoid the charge.

I’m sure council costs of implementing this would be dwarfed by the savings made on not having to deal with the results of fly tipping.

Items from the odd lazy rubbish dumper could be cleared by opportunistic 
rag and bone men wanting to cash in on others’ rubbish.

Let’s all put value on rubbish!

A Parker,


Medal mania has begun

It is right that we praise the Team GB Olympians for their years of hard training and dedication that has resulted in such success in Rio – but it would be very sad if we became ‘medal-obsessed’ like America with its John McEnroe ‘winning is everything’ mentality.

Many of the small nations competing in Rio have few sporting facilities and their sportsmen and women get little government funding or massive corporate sponsorship to support their coaching and training.

For these athletes to reach the Olympic qualifying standards is a great achievement in itself. They know they have little chance of an Olympic medal – Gold or otherwise – but when they are running their hearts out, and still coming last, they are doing it for their sport and their country. There is already talk of Team GB surpassing their Rio Medal total at the next Olympic Games in Tokyo. ‘Medal Mania’ has already begun.

John Brown, Preston

Jeremy’s our best chance

Jeremy Corbyn is the only major national party leader who grasps the need for a radical change from neo-liberalism. That is what makes his re-election as Labour leader so important.

Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell understand that the productivity problems the UK faces are a product of a chronic lack of long-term investment, and the reversal of this is needed to deliver both sustainable growth and social justice following the EU referendum result.

I want our kids and grandkids to have the same opportunities we had. We need a real alternative economic strategy. I believe Jeremy Corbyn is the best chance to achieve that and take Labour back to Downing Street.

Ged Dempsey, address supplied