Reader’s letters - Wednesday August 5

MACs on Friargate
MACs on Friargate
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Few opposing fracking

I find Stephen Garsed’s letter (LEP July 30) judgmental and rather unjust, as well as being unfair to Sean Lord. He also seems unconcerned about loss of employment.

I am one of those who does speak in favour of fracking and, being an OAP, I have no direct or indirect financial interest in Cuadrilla. There are several reasons why very few will come out in favour of fracking.

1. The whole subject of fracking is highly technical, and is not easy to grasp or explain to others, except at the level of superficiality. Despite having begun my working life as an exploration and mining geologist, it took me a lot of time and effort to study the whole subject to gain a sufficient understanding. I was not, and am not, content to rely on self-proclaimed experts or hastily written press articles.

2. As there is such an extensive input from anti-frackers, who are persuasive and hostile to questioning, to challenge them is both difficult and at times highly unpleasant. So much of the material is frequently grossly inaccurate and biased. It is absurd that those with no technical skill, or are qualified in another field, set themselves up as experts and avoid listening to real experts.

3. If you dare oppose fracking you will get nastiness and harassment whether on social media, or face-to-face. You will be called a shill and worse. You will be told you don’t care for the environment.

Yet it has to be said few actively oppose fracking. Many are not sure and in discussion with them, I often find that they have been fed information centering on earthquake risk, hyped environmental risks, health scares and everyone getting cancer from fracking. I will admit that anti-frackers have been successful in this, but should ask themselves if they have actually given true information.

Yes, Lancastrians need answers, and it is not helped by those whipping up concerns over risks and hazards.

It is difficult for Cuadrilla or any other firm to give answers due to the propaganda against them.

Few have actually studied reports by organisations like the Environment Agency, British Geological Survey, Department of Energy and Climate Change, the Royal Society or the Royal Academy of Engineers and the large number of academics.

If you do study these, you will find that fracking is as safe as any other industry, provided, like them, all safety procedures are followed.

Finally Dr Garsed is out of order to say that Cuadrilla treats Lancastrians with contempt, or that Sean Lord’s interests are totally mercenary. He should be more careful what he says, and consider reasons for and against fracking rather than denigrating those in favour.

Michael Roberts, address supplied

Why such late licences in city?

Just who does Andy Mac, the owner of Mac’s bar, think he is (LEP July 30)? As for his comment that Mac’s Bar put Preston on the map, Preston was firmly on the map long before Andy Mac’s bar arrived in Preston.

Whatever happened to the magistrates who used to be responsible for granting licences to bars etc?

Who needs to drink until 4.30am? And 6am licences are being granted to bars and clubs in some cases.

Who picks up the pieces in Preston city centre from all the trouble relating to all these late night licences granted? It is the hard-pressed police and A&E departments.

2am is long enough to go out for an evening’s entertainment and to get enough drink down their necks.

There is nothing any more in Preston city centre that would bring any sane person into Preston city centre at night time. There are no cinemas, dance halls, or nice restaurants.

Mrs M Fazakerley, Preston

Stop speeding motorists

I am writing about the article about speeding motorists in 20mph zones (LEP August 3).

I live on Victoria Road, Fulwood, Preston, and the problem there is terrible.

Myself and several residents have witnessed cars travelling well over the 20mph speed limit, and I mean well over the limit.

At these speeds, anyone coming in contact with these cars would surely be in a very bad way. There could even be a fatality.

Something has to be done to stop these lunatics, as that is what they are.

The heartbreaking thing about all this is that a lot of the offenders are local residents.

People, please slow down.

A very concerned resident

A sad farewell to Cilla Black

I heard the very sad news of the death of Cilla Black.

Like many of my generation, I grew up listening to Cilla and her contemporaries.

I have always liked her

music and her unassuming manner.

The touching story of her very varied life was wonderfully well told in the TV drama


The wonderfully talented Sheridan Smith gave us a real insight into the girl we all felt we knew.

Once the formalities are respectfully observed, I do so hope that ITV will repeat the programme as a tribute.

A very popular lady, gone too soon.

Jack Banner via email

Will scout hut be safe now?

Posters have been put in several places outside the Much Hoole Scout Hut.

They have been put there in response to my letter about plans to build houses on the Hoole Scout Hut site (LEP Letters July 22).

They state: “I.S Houghton is wrong.

“The parish council is not throwing the scouts out”.

This is the response I was hoping for.

The parish council has now made a public promise not to kick the scouts out.

Does this mean the scouts can now stay where they are until their lease runs out in six years time and no houses will be built?

I S Houghton, Much Hoole