Putting the brakes on alcohol-fuelled racists

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They say you should always look for the good in people but with some of my customers of late you would be a long time looking for it.

These particular people are referred to as customers technically but to call them animals is a slight on the animal kingdom.

When you are the sharp end of being verbally abused, patronised and treated like something you would find in a gutter it can become quite demeaning at times.

Us taxi drivers, according to some sections of society, are the lowest of the low, this being an comment which was aimed more recently at one of my fellow cabbies. If you have ever been on a train or aircraft and you have observed someone abusing someone else simply doing their job then you have a rough outline of what we are dealing with.

But I think cabbies are the most vulnerable of all to it. It is astonishing the way some people treat others, all because they haven’t the intelligence to know when to stop drinking.

Many a time I have observed one of my fellow cabbies sitting on the rank when a wild herd descends upon them and the abuse starts.

Being sworn at is usually a good indicator of what you are dealing with, these morons no know limits. They will abuse you racially they may even threaten you.

It’s on these occasions I simply can’t stand back and accept it. I’d rather challenge these morons than sit on my hands and watch it go on. It’s maybe my upbringing or something but I simply cannot sit back and watch this happen. Often there are police to hand, on some occasions there are not. It’s at these times when you feel compelled to be proactive rather than reactive to protect the people you work with and stand up to the mindless moronic actions of others. I love the look of astonishment on the morons’ faces when I challenge them.

An example, maybe the cabbie in front is taking flak of a group of halfwits you can here it becoming more poisonous and see the situation develop quickly from bad to worse.

It often becomes racist.

When this happens it makes my blood boil. I have to act and when the moron sees a white driver challenge them for abusing a fellow cabbie, a lot of the time they can’t believe it.

This is the bit that gets me.

Some of the morons can’t believe not everyone shares their infantile and skewed thoughts on life.

Often you will get a pathetic excuse such as, “he was racist to me first”, the reply generally is, “don’t give me that you clown, I didn’t hear him, but I sure heard you”.

This disarms them a little but most of all it shames them into realising how pathetic they sound and they quickly sober up.

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