Plotting a route through the post-party period

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The festive season is over for another year and it is unfortunately back to the coal face for many of us.

A new year to attack and finances to harness in what is a difficult month for us cab drivers.

The crowds have disappeared and everyone has gone into hibernation for the month of January it seems.

Although the nights are quiet there is still a reasonable amount of work during the day but it is a hard slog.

Sitting it out on the rank for a meagre return is the reality.

The first Friday after the New Year was dreadfully quiet. Some of the lads hadn’t made £30 by 1am. It was real hard taxi slog. And in fact one of the hardest parts of our job is having the mental strength to see it out to the last. It was a miserable jumble for the bulk of us cabbies.

And so when it was reported to me that one of the drivers was gloating to others about his takings I boiled up inside with rage. I thought it was untimely and disgusting. I recall last year the very same thing happening. I distinctly remember asking the individual to kindly not broadcast his situation, healthy that it was, as it wasn’t doing anyone any favours.

Why kick a man when he’s down? If everyone is having a difficult time and struggling so be it.

Why add to everyone’s pain and frustration by announcing your arrival as the kingpin of all things cab driving?

I, like many others, found it quite unsporting that this individual displayed this behaviour yet again. Hopefully one day the penny will drop. Everyone is sick to death of hearing about other’s good fortune so would it not be better in the current climate to keep that information to yourself, rather than alienating those closet to you in a work capacity.

So much for the season of goodwill!

I like many other cabbies rely heavily on the rank for the bulk of my work and have only a handful of customers who contact me by phone.

This is a personal choice as I don’t want people to become reliant on me when I’m not there to help them. I don’t promise what I cant deliver and so I only have a select band of people who do ring me.

It is during the week nights that I benefit most from my phone customers from Monday through to Thursday evening. This work pattern suits me best. I can ferry my customers between the hours of 8pm and 11pm allowing me to come home and relax before getting my head down for the morning school run.

At the weekend on a Friday and Saturday evening I like to start work at a time of my choosing and likewise terminate my shift when I feel I’ve made enough money to allow me to do so.

I don’t live above my means and so might not have to work as intensively as some of my colleagues.

As long as I do that then I have no issues with taking the odd night off or not working excessively.