Pity for those not driving home for Christmas

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From finishing on Christmas Eve I always try not to think of work again until I go back on the Friday and Saturday of Christmas week.

The very mention of work has my mince and tatties repeating on me when I am off for the festive season.

But there are some among us cabbies who never know when to say no. Have these guys absolutely no longing to spend more than one day with their family and friends?

No, it seems there is a greater currency in sitting alone in their cabs on the rank staring into their iPhones endlessly waiting on the next call or customer to get in. What an existence!
It just seems such an easy and ready made excuse to relieve yourself from your family commitments on the basis of more work. Work, work, work is all you hear sometimes.

We have just been through the most intense part of our working calendar! My God, do these guys ever rest?

If there is one time of the year I feel family and friends come first it is this time of year. But some of the fellas overlook it and I guess their family comes a poor second. What a shame.

Your kids are only young once and you are on this planet for a very short time in the grand scheme of things, so you should make the most of it and all that surrounds you.

If you’re so desperate to work, get to the local vicar and enquire if it’s possible to arrange a ceremony for you.

I’m sure once you explain the hours that you work and the unfulfilling existence you lead have he may arrange for you to marry your cab. Then you will have found true happiness!

I firmly believe there are some that I work with who would easily fall into this category. I was on the rank at the St John’s Centre on Christmas Eve waiting for work, when I noticed a three piece band were playing festive songs. It was fantastic to hear the same three songs constantly all day.

Although it was a bit repetitive I felt it was the perfect tonic to lift everyone’s spirits in the lead up to the festivities.

They played their hearts and souls out and it was enjoyable listening. Even though when I was making and receiving calls from the comfort of my cab I couldn’t ask them to tone it down. But I did laugh to myself at the sounds they were generating. It reminded me of watching Star Wars as a child. These three musical geniuses would easily have made it into the cantina band on Mos Eisley. I actually had to do a second take when I first heard them as they sounded so alike. Whoever thought this one up, and sanctioned it at Preston City Council, give yourself a big slap on the back for it really made the difference to everyone’s shopping experience in the lead up to the big day. How refreshing that it wasn’t derailed through health and safety legislation, eh?

So well done to the three musicians and well done to the city council. I do hope they are back next year!