Peter’s pay rise offer just does not add up

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My, oh my, a 15 per cent pay rise, “would be difficult to take”.

Preston Council leader Peter Rankin deserves a pat on the back for turning down this suggested deal but why have your job means tested in the first place?

And who on earth comes up with these recommendations? Certainly not someone who is living with the same financial realities as the rest of the country. I nearly keeled over when I saw this proposed 15 per cent rise and that it was actually being considered.

It is preposterous no matter what the circumstances. This should never have been entertained. If it was me, and I was forced to take a small pay rise because of some European Union time management ruling or other nonsense, I would be handing it to the local charity. The RSPCA might be a good place to start as seemingly they are about to go bust as well.

My how I laughed when I read the article in the Evening Post. And I am sure a lot of others did to. Everyone I know is on a knife edge financially or, at the very least, watching their pennies. Anyone who is anyone is fearful of redundancy or constructive dismissal. And everyone having just retired, or planning to, is sick to death of being fleeced of their pensions by a succession of governments.

What planet are the decision makers and policy makers on. Presumably the same one as who ever thought the council leader should take an extra 15 per cent. And that is no reflection on his abilities. No really, it defies all logic. Recession, double dip recession, treble dip recession. Who gives a monkey’s about the recession. For people like the long term unemployed it is just an irrelevance. A word. With responsibilities such as a family and mortgage, is it any reason why people in general are so disillusioned by the Government. If the chief economic analysts could not foresee this coming, then we may as well give up now. The banks are back at it again as well with the fat cats awarding themselves bonuses. That actually means “pay rise” in layman’s terms. But they are told to put a bit of spin on it by the government before they make their announcement to the wider public. Just so it’s a bit more digestible for the naive. It’s certainly not the voters’ fault. If you can only make one vote at the polling station, then as voter you haven’t exactly got a say in the matter. I honestly think if the government had a general election next week, and say, for example, a chimpanzee was standing for Labour, a lizard was standing for Tory, and let’s say a spineless jellyfish was standing for Lib Dem. People would actually go out and vote. The way things are going in the country at the moment you would probably achieve more by installing an animal at the controls because the current system just seems to be going round in big circles while hoovering up their bonuses and pay rises.