Perfect afternoon at The Dolphin Inn

The Dolphin Inn, in Longton
The Dolphin Inn, in Longton
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The easiest reviews to write are those of products, performances, services, you name it, either sublime or ridiculous.

The average is a chore. This was okay, that was adequate, the other was duff - grey, grey, grey.

No such sludge to peddle this week, as The Dolphin at Longton is about as far from average as is possible to imagine.

Phenomenal, would be the word.

The circumstances, granted, could hardly have been more propitious.

The remote country pub (way way down the end of Marsh Lane, where Tarmac morphs into dirt track) that does not come into its own on a brilliant August afternoon like last Sunday’s should seriously consider shutting up shop.

This said, all the sun and spacious beer garden (chockful of joyous drinkers and diners by the dozen) in the world will not compensate for pedestrian refreshments.

No such worries. The pint of Cumberland Brewery’s Corby Noir - not a brew I have sampled before - with which whistle was first wetted had all but gone within five minutes of resuming my perch under old Sol. A finer pint of stout - smooth, full, drinkable as cool gold top milk - has not passed my gnashers since I last breathed the free air of that glorious Republic several score miles to our West.

Best pint of the year, and I suspected as much at first sip.

The Lytham Brewery Blonde which gave chase played a fine supporting role, pale and refreshing, hoppy in the hooter and dry at the swallow - but I was back in black for the third act. Throw in delicious fish, chips and peas for a shilling under eight quid and you’ve got one contented customer who did not want to go home.

Next chance you get, go. In fact, go now. Run you fool!