New fashion driving parents round the band

Rachel Hurst
Rachel Hurst
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”If I have to pick one more elastic band out of this shag pile carpet, I’m going to scream”

So said one of my friends this week after she had finally had enough of her little one’s current obsession - the loom band.

It will be a familiar cry from living rooms up and down the land as clogged up vacuum cleaners everywhere reel from a craze which has landed from nowhere.

Not having any small people of my own, and the mini relatives I do have being too little to care, the loom band trend had somewhat passed me by, but, little by little I have started noticing posts from mums and dads about their youngster’s latest creation of the stretchy bracelet fashion.

And then, the big one.

She of the glossy hair, only-have-to-wear-one-outfit-once-for-it-to sell-out-in-minutes fame was pictured wearing one.

That’s right, sales of loom bands rocketed by more than 300 per cent when the Duchess of Cambridge was pictured wearing one on the Royal couple’s tour of Australia and New Zealand.

The Malaysian inventor behind the looms is now a millionaire and the friendship bracelets are now as much a fashion statement as they are a children’s fad.

The bands have been seen on the arm of celebrities including presenter Fearne Cotton, David Beckham, One Direction’s Harry Styles, pop star Miley Cyrus and even Kate’s stepmother-in-law the Duchess of Cornwall has been snapped with one.

Heck, there’s someone here at LEP Towers selling kits - they’ve put a poster offering up their wares on the coffee machine which is tapping into my subconscious every time I wander over in need of a caffeine fix.

But playground fads are not a new thing.

I remember spending most of my pocket money on colourful cotton and wool to make friendship bracelets which I would sell at the front of my house with my best friend after spending all of our playtime creating them.

And there was always a battle of who had the best yo yo tricks, the most Spice Girl picture cards or the rarest Pogs.

But this time, thanks to the long lenses, social media and our insatiable quench for being up-to-date with the latest trend, it appears playground creativity is big business. Looks like I need to get my hands on one of these things!