Never mind the sleet or the source of meat

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What miserable weather it is at the moment.

Snow, sleet rain. It’s just miserable all round.

I was driving to Longridge the other day and while making my way through to Grimsargh I noticed lambs in the fields.

Bit early for spring!!

Poor beasts looked thoroughly miserable in the driving rain. So when I drove the same route the day after and the sun was out it was a joy to see the lambs gamboling and playing with each other.

With the sun on their backs it gave mum a much needed rest I suspect what with all the moithering for a constant supply of milk. While on the subject of farm animals, it was quite a shock to discover the recent news on horsemeat in our food.

One of the drivers shouted out the other day. “I went out to get a burger the other day!” “It came in at 10 to one!”. My, how we laughed. What a hoot. My missus was preparing spaghetti bolognese the other night. She dutifully cooked the meat in a rich tomato sauce and left it to soak overnight. I was looking forward to this succulent treat all day. So I was surprised when I came in the evening after to discover that she didn’t wish to eat any. When I enquired why she said it could be horsemeat.

I exclaimed, it is full of iron, good for you and we have paid for it. But no, I think all the hysteria in the news put the poor lamb off her dinner. It goes further. I came in from work the following night and asked what was for dinner. As my partner wasn’t eating she said ‘find something and I will cook it for you’. I looked in the freezer and saw a Findus lasagne.

“Oh well I guess it’s a horse lasagne then, love”. A moment passed then we both laughed in unison. I don’t think she’s got over it yet, the whole issue of it all. I imagine it has challenged others with weak stomachs as well. While this is a problem for some, I can’t see the big issue. If a working beast has come to the end of the road and is say physically impaired then why shouldn’t it end up in the food chain?

What I cannot accept in this circumstance is the inhumane slaughter of animals. As we are in the 21st century in civilized Europe it appals me that animals are still put to slaughter by inhumane uses. When mankind has the ability to put an animal to sleep by employing a more peaceful method, then this has got to be the way every time. It is a fact of life that animals have to be put to slaughter. But the beasts should be treated with respect. In this process the very people who supply meat to the worldwide food chain should be watched intensely, checked periodically and vetted robustly.

What does it say about mankind as a whole when we can’t even extend these animals the respect and care they deserve in their short life. As for me I will continue to eat my meat. Horse or otherwise!