Mum’s the word every single day of the year

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Mum has been the word this week. Literally.

And not surprisingly, considering we’re just 48 hours away from celebrating the day of the matriarch. Flower shops have no doubt been doing a roaring trade as, I would assume, has every local chocolatier.

But it hasn’t been presents that have caught my attention this week (don’t worry Momma S - yours is on the way) despite the multiple gift guides I’ve cleared from my junk mail folder.

No, instead I’ve been interested in a number of polls published across the press revealing, well, absolutely nothing. When did this trend start? Questioning people at every major holiday? And what, if any, value do they have?

One such survey printed this week revealed that 62 per cent of mothers would be disappointed if they didn’t receive a card this Sunday.

The only thing remotely interesting about that statistic (and one is clutching at straws here) is that the number isn’t higher.

All it tells us is that the majority of mums want their kids to remember them and send a little love their way on Mother’s Day. Hands up, who didn’t already know that?

Another fact being flown about was that more than half of mothers would rather be given an actual card, rather than being sent a message through a social media site, like Twitter or Facebook. Well knock me down.

If my lovely ma is anything to go buy, sending her a tweet this Sunday would be just as well received as pinning a note to a carrier pigeon. In fact the pigeon would stand more chance, considering the Internet is only ever fired up when yours truly visits the family abode.

The list of facts and figures continued in the same vein across a number of surveys; mums would like to spend time with their children, be treated to breakfast in bed, have lunch out with the family etc etc.

But top of the pile, the number one thing our dear mothers would like to unwrap (metaphorically speaking) this Sunday... A little love and thanks.

So, continuing the trend, I conducted my own survey. And what do you know, 100 per cent of those polled would like to say a big thank you to Momma S for being fabulous, and send love and instructions to have a relaxing day this Sunday. There we go, now it’s official.