'Memories of the Fishwick bus station on Fox Street, Preston'

Looking Back showed a nostalgic view of Fishwick Bus Station on Fox Street, Preston (LP April 24).

By Clare Kelly
Friday, 10th May 2019, 4:29 pm
Updated Friday, 10th May 2019, 5:29 pm
A reader recalls memories of Fishwick Bus Station on Fox Street
A reader recalls memories of Fishwick Bus Station on Fox Street

I first became familiar with this bus station in 1955.

My daily commute was from Fox Street to Leyland Motors.

A five-day workmen’s ticket, jointly run with Ribble Motors, cost 4/3 (21p in today’s money).

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Fox Street Bus Station was a very small affair, only room for four or five buses. It did boast a clock, and a shelter on two sides for passengers.

Toilet facilites were non-existent. A snack bar? No chance.

I take my hat off to the Fishwick drivers.

They had a very tight tight-hand turn to make, coming off Corporation Street to get access to their bus stand.

A photo exists, possibly from about 1951.

It shows a Fishwick’s double decker. The driver had not set his handbrake fully. The result was the bus leaving its stand, crossing Fleet Street and crashing into the Public Hall. No one was hurt and the Leyland TD5 was not severely damaged. I bet the driver had some explaining to do.

Older Prestonians may remember the Corporation Buses run by Preston.

A standard fare on the buses was 1d (one old penny). It was a workmen’s fare and was only available before 8am.

It made the bus conductor’s job a lot easier before the 8am deadline.

Just a re-cap about the five-day workmen’s ticket. The price did increase to 4/9 (23p a week) in late 1955.

When the Suez crisis occurred, there were fears of a major fuel shortage. This resulted in all workmen’s tickets being abolished. The fare from Preston to Leyland now being 1/6 (7.5p) day return. What memories!

E.H. Simister

Bamber Bridge