May has not flinched an inch

Whither Theresa May?

Tuesday, 26th March 2019, 5:45 am
Updated Tuesday, 26th March 2019, 6:48 am

At the time of writing, she is still Prime Minister, but her position seems to be precarious, with varying factions of Tories fighting each other over her fate.

One group assures her that she will get her Withdrawal Agreement through Parliament if she offers to resign. What kind of logic are these people employing? It sounds more like political blackmail to me. Others, including senior Cabinet figures like Environment Secretary Michael Gove and David Lidington, her effective deputy, say it would be insane to oust her at this stage. Even that old war horse, Kenneth Clarke, who is no fan of May, said it would be regarded as madness to change the leadership now.

The fact remains that, although a Remainer by instinct, Theresa May has honourably stuck to the solemn undertaking Parliament gave, to carry out the wishes of the winners of the referendum - which is more than many of her colleagues have done.

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No one should be surprised that these shameful tactics on the part of some MPs - to deny the referendum result - has reduced the reputation of Parliament to a new low.

To her eternal credit, Theresa May has not flinched an inch in the face of some vicious Westminster hostility towards her.

- It will take a lot more than a box of plasters to repair the shattered Conservative Party once - if ever - the present crisis is over. The present Tory Party is now the absolute antithesis of its former self. It was once the bedrock of the British political landscape, now it is a crumbling derelict political wreck. Loyalty and discretion were once its watchwords. Now those epithets have been flung out of the window. The party has broken up into feuding factions, the Cabinet is in tatters, with its members openly squabbling, while ministers at all levels have been resigning almost on an industrial scale.

Conservatives from the Macmillan and Thatcher years would not recognise the party as it is today. They would be in despair. Some even fear that the party is engaged in a brutal civil war to the death. Someone needs to come along soon and knock a few heads together.