Manoeuvring into position for World Cup

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With the domestic football season all but over for most fans, media attention has turned to a little event going on in Brazil this summer... The World Cup.

It’s no surprise these days to see sportsmen on the front as well as the back pages but in the last week the number of stories on England’s 11 has significantly shot up.

Some of interest - the announcement of the squad, for instance - some not - what the WAGs will be packing in their Louis Vuitton. In the words of a certain comedienne and thousands of teenagers... bothered? The best worst story of the week for me had to be the ‘news’ Andy Carroll and his TOWIE girlfriend were on holiday in Dubai. Lovely. As you can imagine, there wasn’t much to go with that particular article, so instead readers were treated to a host of holiday snaps.

My personal favourite, for comedy reasons only, was one of Andy partaking in a little beach-time yoga in front of the Burj al Arab.

It conjured up wonderful images of an England training session - Stevie G, show us your warrior, and Frank, your downward facing dog is something to admire. JT’s speciality is the plank. Naturally.

And who knows, perhaps this is the case. Or something similar. It seems more men than ever are taking the greeting pose and getting in to yoga. The Boy for one is a fine example. He may not like it publicised (oops, too late) but in addition to runs and weekly football sessions, he is now spending 45 minutes in front of his iPad for Sun Salutation sessions and such like.

Or ‘stretching’ as he likes to call it. Much more manly.

Inspired by his new regime, yours truly has even given the exercise a go, after years of poo-pooing the activity. As a netball, hockey and tennis girl it was difficult to see how something which seemed so pedestrian could have any positive impact. It’s just standing in a few different positions, isn’t it? How hard can it be?

Very, it turns out. And that’s on ‘beginner’ level. While I may have mastered the mountain (standing) and corpse (lying) poses, the rest have proved a little more tricky.

And one is certainly not ready to progress out of the living room just yet. Those unmastered positions aren’t too elegant at this point.

I hope Andy and the England boys are having more luck. Who knows, maybe yoga could be the key to their success this year.