Looking forward to having a student reunion

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Business has severely been curtailed post Christmas.

It has been a painful time, like having your toenail taken off without being anaesthetised.


Most of us cabbies are just leading an existence at the moment.

With the bulk of students not having returned from their Christmas leave business is lean.

Many of us who have worked in the trade for a considerable period realise this a period in our working calendar we have to accept.

But even that won’t speed things up any for any one of us who are reliant on student trade.

Their holidays in particular seem to be longer than your average humanoids and this is the wounding part for us cabbies!

Me and a fellow driver undertook a bit of research to find out to find out from some of our customers when the student timetable started for the month of January.

From the information gathered it appears this coming Monday is D-day.

I personally just want this weekend to pass so I can get stuck right into the masses of students out relieving themselves of all their cash.

After all the students are just like customers of a Friday and Saturday evening.

They still want fetching home at the end of the night, kebab or not.

The long wait for their return is really worth it, even though this period of cash lust only lasts for a couple of weeks before it tapers off it brings back a much needed revenue stream for taxi drivers.

Thank the lord for students is all I can say at this moment. A friend pointed out that there wont be the same percentage of numbers of students spending en mass in the coming years, as out the government has sought to increase the amount of money a typical student will have to find to fund their courses.

He reckons they will be on penny pinching mode until they find their feet with that one.

Well that might be true, but I would say students still need to be students.

And that these excesses will always be a part of student life.

Whoever is in charge of this country will never prevent students from living the lifestyle they choose.

The getting out and consuming super cheap ale and bonding with those around them.

The living of a lifestyle before buckling down to a real day’s work post university is always going to be part and parcel of life.

And while that is to be the case, I think there’s an argument that us cabbies will survive another trimming of the herd in financial terms by the powers that be.

That aside it will be nice to come home from a shift and actually be in profit.

Welcome back students of Preston and surrounding areas - your cab drivers have missed you..