Readers' letters: Teen’s father needs to learn about respect

Re: A retired police officer says a man wished coronavirus on her after she challenged him for playing basketball with a teenager on a closed court in South Ribble (LP April 15).

Tuesday, 21st April 2020, 5:00 pm
New Longton Basketball Court

This retired police constable was following her civic duty. The father of the teenager should be utterly ashamed of himself.

It’s small wonder that half the country’s teenagers have no respect for their elders or indeed authority.

This man in the park didn’t do any favours for his son. He needs to learn about rules and respect.

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And as for the father telling his son to “ignore this woman here”, then adding “I hope you get it”, meaning the coronavirus, that is absolutely appalling

What example is he setting? Do they think there are special rules for them?

If everyone ignored the rules, the park would be full and it certainly wouldn’t help this terrible situation we are in at present.

The police are on a hiding to nothing; doomed if they act, doomed if they don’t.

These times are hard enough. The police are doing their utmost and need to be respected, not hindered at every turn.

J Norman

via email


Reward our NHS quickly

What a wonderful inspiration Captain Tom Moore is to us all.

The money he has raised is truly wonderful and so are the thousands of people worldwide who have made these donations.

I know the money is going to the NHS benefit charities but it would be fantastic to know exactly how the money is being spent.

I appreciate that JustGiving have taken some money in admin fees whilst also making a donation of their own.

Will the money be used to help NHS staff on a personal level as I am sure a lot of them have encountered hardships in some way?

Will any of it be used towards providing equipment for the staff to use? Will any money be put towards research for vaccines etc?

There is also the broader spectrum of care workers, will they be able to benefit in some way?

I am sure I speak for many people who would like to know that it is not just sat on some quango’s desk whilst they push a few pens and notes around deciding what to do with the money.

Action needs to be taken now and fast, that way Captain Tom’s effort will not be in vain and our NHS can be rewarded quickly.

We must honour this truly inspirational man.

Margaret Atkinson

via email


Support farmers

What is happening to all the staff at public bodies who are not involved in the Covid response? If they’re at home on extended leave, could they not be redeployed to support our farmers and so on?

Henry Cobden

Address supplied